Well-earned favor I have been quite fortunate as a state senator to represent two of the most powerful and productive mayors in the United States.

This is a lesson in basic civics, so please follow along with me. Senate District 42, which I represent, has 105,000 residents and is the largest Senate district in the state. It also has more industry than any other district in the state.

Sixty-one thousand of District 42 residents live in North Charleston; the other 44,000 live in the City of Charleston.

As the senator for these two municipalities, I am called upon frequently by both Mayor Riley and Mayor Summey. They might request my support for revenue funding priorities for the district, as it relates to infrastructure, or other political aid.

The mayors and I have strong working relationships. On numerous occasions, I have asked Mayors Riley and Summey for assistance with projects like employment opportunities, road and street improvements, property cleanup, tree and power line interference and community safety and beautification related to District 42 constituents. These two gentlemen have always come through.

So if either of my mayors came to me regarding his wife stepping down from a position that she held and asked me to consider allowing his daughter to serve out the remainder of the term, my answer would be yes.

I am willing to bet that any one of the 105,000 citizens in Senate District 42, if asked this question, would answer the same way.

Just think about it.SEN. ROBERT FORD

Barrett RoadCharlestonNot enemies

It was such a shame to read Ms. Bennett’s comments in Brian Hicks’ Thursday column saying that David and I violated a “couple of party rules” by giving comfort and aid to “the enemy.”

Strange thing. I don’t see all Democrats as the enemy.

My next-door neighbors and those who live directly behind us are Democrats, and I don’t feel animosity coming from them because we are Republicans. They have been the best neighbors anyone could ask for. We also are thrilled to call Robert Barber a friend.

My neighbors behind us have dog sat for us and have always said we have their votes, and they are “the enemy.” So I guess that proves it is OK to vote for the candidate, not the party.

My former minister votes more like a Democrat, and I am honored to call him a friend. The only thing that comes to my mind today is the phrase “and Jesus wept.” We are human beings first, not party members. Most pray to the same God.

SANDI ENGELMANJulia StreetCharleston

Home-state slightWhat’s with you guys? Our South Carolina guy, Dustin Johnson, wins a golf tournament and you show pictures of Tiger Woods and Rory McIllroy on Page C1. Shame on you.

On Page 1 of the Sports section, Dustin gets only his name in a photo caption. Give our “hometown” boy the recognition he deserves.

Jane BrownTennent StreetCharleston

Spoleto specialIn our first trip South (living in southern California doesn’t count), we had a warm and welcoming stay in Charleston at your Spoleto Festival.

From the first day we encountered smiles and friendly hellos from just about everyone we met on the street. Equally remarkable was the talent we experienced at two operas, three concerts, two musicals, several lectures and one play. And topping it all off was the Southern cooking. One restaurant offered 22 sides of vegetables.

A xylophone-strumming street musician on King Street inspired four 30-something year olds to break into line dancing.

Thanks, Charleston, for 10 great days.

Don BushnellState StreetSanta Barbara, Calif.

Being becalmedBorrowing or printing new money to stimulate the sagging economy with “make work” jobs is like the seaman aiming a portable fan at the sails of his boat and wondering why it won’t move.

Any 12-year-old “C” student will be happy to explain why.

Thomas F. KistnerMagwood Drive

CharlestonEthics 101Ethics in politics is simple to define: Would you have the income or special favors in question if you did not occupy the elected position?

Would Rep. Jim Merrill have been paid by the S.C. Association of Realtors if he were not in the House?

The answer is no. Not to pick only on him, because I think all the income from all sources for every elected official should be brought to light. Special interest groups should not define our legislation.

The cap on sales tax and the very messed up property taxes are just two things that need fair treatment without outside money pushing laws that benefit a few, not all.

We need term limits and real salaries.

Pat KilroyMilton DriveGoose Creek

Beard benefitIn the midst of the opening of the Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto festivals, a unique event brought out hundreds of people to support ovarian cancer awareness.

Over 700 attended and more than 150 competed in the third annual Southeast Beard and Mustache competition at the Music Farm. More than $5,000 was raised in support of Lowcountry Women with Wings — Rising above Ovarian Cancer (a program of the Center for Women).

The Holy City Beard and Mustache Society sponsored the event, and Charleston Mayor Joe Riley proclaimed May 26 Beard and Moustache Day in Charleston.

Ovarian cancer strikes all ages, and its symptoms can be subtle. It is important to know the signs so you can take action.

Each year more than 20,000 women are diagnosed, often at a late stage. Within five years, about 15,000 die. There is no test for ovarian cancer, and women don’t realize that their annual exam does not detect this disease.

Lowcountry Women with Wings was started by Terry Scharstein in 2008 to break the silence about ovarian cancer. Although she lost her battle, she wanted others to learn from her experience.

For more information, visit our web site 222.lowcountrywomenwithwings.org.

Jennet R. AltermanExecutive Director

Center for WomenSue Sommer-Kresse

Advisory CommitteeLowcountry Women with Wings

Cannon StreetCharlestonTraffic circles

Even though roundabouts and traffic circles have become common in the past several years, some drivers are not sure what to do when approaching them.

The rule is simple: Slow down and yield to traffic to your left.

Any traffic already in the circle or entering from your left has the right-of-way.

And by the way, it is good practice to use your turn signals if going left around the circle or turning right out of the circle.

Paul NelsonIsaw DriveMount Pleasant

Heavy loadAfter reading the disturbing article regarding a hem-orrhaging carriage horse I had obvious concerns — most importantly the health and welfare of the animals. Who oversees their welfare ensuring that they are physically able to work on exceedingly hot days? I can’t think of anything more humiliating to a dignified creature than having to pull a tonnage of tourists and a steaming bag of poop around in circles.

Shouldn’t a 16-year-old horse have the right to retire and enjoy that stuff we call grass?

Sarah Eckberg-StevensI’On Street

Sullivan’s IslandMixed message

New York City has outlawed tobacco, large sugary drinks and transfats, (doughnuts). It limits the availability of salt. But now it’s OK to carry 25 grams or less of pot.

With increased pot use, wouldn’t the demand for doughnuts and large sodas increase as well?

Tim CarswellPtarmigan Street

James IslandInsecureLt. Gov. Glenn McConnell wants a security detail that will cost $442,000.

If he’s that insecure about his security, he should step down.

D.S. ROWEForest TrailIsle of Palms