Officers made three arrests and confiscated a bottle containing a substance believed to be methamphetamine when the suspects and a van were searched early Monday outside a pharmacy.

The incident began with a 3:40 a.m. call concerning “suspicious activity” outside Walgreens at 1120 N. Main St., Summerville police Capt. Jon Rogers said.

Police questioned the suspects and brought in the Berkeley County metro narcotics unit, according to a police report.

Three Summerville residents were arrested: Charles Edwin Beebee, 33, of Boone Drive; Wayne Daniel Morley, 46, and Leigh Ellen Kuziak, 36, both of Larry Street, are all charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. Beebee also was ticketed for possession of drug equipment, the report said.

Morley and Beebee told police they were waiting for a woman who had gone into the store. The report said Morley, who was the driver of the car, seemed nervous and “stuttered” when asked questions.

After being asked to step out of the car, the men seemed to be “continuously looking around, as if they were looking for an avenue of escape,” the report said.

When Kuziak came out of the store and walked to the car, police found her to be carrying two 24-count boxes of pseudoephedrine, the report said. The cold medicine is a main ingredient in meth-making.

The report said all three suspects had trouble standing still, and Beebee and Kuziak continuously placed their hands in their pockets.

Police said they found a glass smoking pipe, cut straws and a plastic bottle with a white powder residue in Beebee’s pockets. He told police the pants were not his, and belonged to a friend — but was unable to tell police the friend’s name, the report said.

Inside the car, police found a package of burn-treatment cream, which an officer wrote that he recognized as an item used by meth-makers to “relieve pain during the one-pot method” of manufacturing meth.

Also in the car was a black drawstring bag holding a Gatorade bottle, label removed, which the report said contained a yellowish liquid and a white powdery substance. Police said some of the contents “could be used to manufacture methamphetamine.”

The metro unit came to the scene, and brought a female deputy to search Kuziak and a drug-sniffing dog to examine the car, the report said.