On Sunday, four time Grammy award winner k.d. lang performed a one-night-only concert at the Gaillard auditorium. She was backed by her band, Siss Boom Bang. There wasn’t an empty seat in the auditorium.

“It was probably one of the fastest selling shows in festival history,” said Paula Edwards, director of marketing and public relations at Spoleto Festival USA. “We were sold out in February.”

The next day, there was no coverage of the event in the papers. The audience was bereft of media.

“Because it was a one night show, we felt like we needed to leverage every seat, for financial reasons,” Edwards said. “The people just loved her, she was terrific. It’s always great when we can bring big names in music — that have integrity to back them up — to the festival.”

Lang launched her career with a Patsy Cline tribute band that she started in her hometown of Consort, Alberta, in 1983. Since then, she has become increasingly renowned in the fields of pop and country music, winning four Grammy awards and eight Juno awards.

Her appearance at Spoleto sparked a flurry of conversation, praise, and adulation on social media, proving her a roaring success and an unforgettable act.

“Twitter was on fire,” said Edwards, who was pleased with how the show was received.

Aasimah Navlakhi is a Goldring Arts Journalist from Syracuse University.