One of the easiest ways to introduce children to the arts is to draw a connection between the arts and something they already know and love.

“A Long Time Ago,” a visual arts showcase currently on exhibit at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park, does just this.

The exhibition, curated by Hirona Matsuda, includes sculpture, painting, mixed media, collage, pen and ink drawings, paper cuttings and handcrafted books by local Charleston artists.

“With each artist’s personal style and choice of materials, the artwork ranges from delicate and whimsical to sinister and striking,” reads the exhibition description.

The overarching theme of storytelling creates a narrative thread. Both kid-friendly and professionally executed, the art in “A Long Time Ago” depicts personal narratives, universal motifs and famous folklore. Michelle Jewell’s stuffed animal sculptures, which range in size from a petit lamb to a room-dominating octopus, speak to the child in us all.

Lead your kids through Lisa Shimko’s acrylic forest and turn the pages (gently!) of Trever Webster’s handmade books. This multifaceted exhibition illustrates art’s ability to take the viewer to a land far away.

RECOMMENDATION: “A Long Time Ago...” May 24-July 29; festival hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, City Gallery at Waterfront Park, 34 Prioleau St.