STAY: The True Story of Ten Dogs. By Michaela Muntean. Photography by K.C. Bailey and Steve Kazmierski. Scholastic Press. 40 pages. $16.99. For ages 4-8.

If you could capture the magic of the circus in a picture book, you’d end up with “Stay.”

This fascinating tale tells the story of Luciano Anastasinia, a seventh-generation circus performer, and his lovable canine crew.

Anastasinia rescues his pups from the pound and decides to learn a thing or two about them before deciding how to put an act together. He discovers that Penny is a cross-eyed bichon frise and Bowser is a kleptomaniacal beagle mix.

Not a trainer, Anastasinia shows remarkable patience with his animal buddies and develops a true understanding of how to work with them.

If you find something you like to do, work is fun. And that is how they put together a successful circus act.

The vivid photographs that illustrate “Stay” tell a wonderful story of understanding and love. When combined with playful text, a fantasy trip to the big top develops with a tale about overcoming obstacles and second chances that even young readers can understand and enjoy.

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