What did you want to show the scouts at pro day?

“Just prove that I’ve got fluid hips and I can come out of my breaks well. I think I proved that. I think I’m a first-round corner, so we’ll see what happens.”

What do you remember about deciding to come to USC?

“I could’ve went to Alabama, LSU, all the big schools. But I wanted to just start something new at the University of South Carolina and come here and try to get a winning team. And I think we did that.”

Were you a package deal with fellow Rock Hill native and South Pointe High star DeVonte Holloman in USC’s recruiting class of 2009?

“I think DeVonte was kind of shaky at the beginning (about deciding where to play), but at the end he felt like this is his home. So I had already committed here, and I asked him could he come play with me, and he did.”

At the combine, what did NFL teams say they wanted to see you work on before pro day?

“Just work on just staying low. I’m a tall corner (6 feet tall). Work on coming out of my breaks.”

Do you think you have shown people that leaving early was the right decision?

“People are going to have their opinions, but I know what I can do. I made that decision, and I think I did well from then on, and I think I’m going to do well at the next level.”

Where did you train to prepare for the combine and who did you train with?

“I worked out in Boca Raton, Fla., with Tony Villani. He got me prepared for everything. A lot of players that are already in the NFL I trained with, like (defensive backs) Eric Berry, Kareem Jackson, Brandon Flowers — a lot of players that went through my process. They talked to me about things and I think they helped me out a lot.”

Flowers also turned pro early. What did he talk to you about?

“Just keep working on my technique, just the little things that I didn’t know in college, like hand placement, just working on your feet with ladder drills. He taught me a lot.”

What advice did those guys give you about the different world of the NFL?

“They just told me it’s a business. You go out there and you play hard, you play every down like it’s your last and leave it out on the field, because there are a lot of players coming to take your job.”

Compiled by Darryl Slater