CLEMSON – Costs from the Clemson football team’s trip to the Orange Bowl last month exceeded the ACC’s $1.75 million bowl allowance for the trip, according to a budget summary obtained by The Post and Courier on Wednesday.

Clemson’s costs for the trip totaled $1.84 million, costs which included hotel rooms, travel costs and the purchasing of unsold bowl tickets. Clemson was required to buy $323,415 worth of unsold bowl tickets from its ticket allotment. The greatest cost was $502,587 in lodging expenses.

But the Atlantic Coast Conference contends reports of losses can be misleading as ACC programs will receive bowl revenue in addition to the ACC’s bowl allowance.

The ACC distributes total net bowl revenues equally among its 12 member institutions. ACC bowl revenues will reportedly total more than $40 million. In addition to the bowl allowance, more than $1 million in bowl revenues is typically included in the annual conference distribution payment to programs. The conference distribution is primarily constituted of television money from the conference’s contract with ESPN.