Voters looking forward to proudly wearing the traditional red, white and blue "I voted" stickers today might be in for a bit of sticker shock.

Several precincts are handing out fingernail-sized stickers, about an inch smaller than normal.

Dorchester County Elections and Voter Registration Executive Director Joshua Dickard said the tiny stickers, provided by the Palmetto Project, are a result of a printing error.

The Palmetto Project sent the board a box of about 40,000 last June and they're using them now because they're running out of the larger ones.

They're better than nothing, said Rose Brown, administrative specialist for the Berkeley County Voter and Registrations Office. Berkeley County hasn't had any stickers to hand out in the last few elections.

"We have to use what we were sent by the state," Brown said. "They're free."

Dickard said they haven't received any complaints about the stickers but he has seen plenty of jokes about them on Twitter and Facebook with some posters likening them to what you might see on a banana.

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