Republican presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry of Texas continued to fight for votes Saturday, squeezing in a quick morning talk in Mount Pleasant before a Fox News forum.

Perry, who is polling in fifth place, stopped by Page’s Okra Grill on Coleman Boulevard, emphasizing that he’s the only candidate in the race who doesn’t have a Wall Street or Washington, D.C., mentality.

If elected, Perry said, he would support a 20 percent flat tax for all — corporations and individuals. “Corporate lobbyists will hate that, but tough,” said Perry. “I’m tired of Main Street paying for all of these corporate folks who find corporate (tax) loopholes.”

He also underscored the need to tap all energy resources in the U.S. and hammered President Barack Obama’s incentives for green energy. “I don’t have a problem with green energy, but let the market decide. Don’t force it from Washington, D.C.”

Perry also talked about veterans’ issues, even suggesting that veterans who are 100 percent disabled should not be required to pay income taxes.

Perry told the crowd: “If you have my back next week, I’ll have your back for the next four years.”