Roger is married and has four children. After years at a steady job, he was recently laid off.

He quietly began looking for work while trying to keep the household environment calm. Panic began to set in, however, when the bills continued to pile up and Roger could not seem to find any work.

He contacted a local Good Cheer Fund agency to ask for assistance in feeding his wife and children. And thanks to that agency's help, Roger and his family won't go hungry this Christmas.

Your donation can provide warm, nutritious meals for Roger's family and others like them in the Lowcountry this holiday season.

Contributions to The Post and Courier's Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission and the Association for the Blind. There are no administrative costs involved and the agencies receive every cent of the money raised.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at Contributions received by noon Thursday will be included in our final 2011 accounting on New Year's Eve. Donations received after that date will be applied toward the 2012 Good Cheer Fund.


From friends of Azaleas and Camellias 100.00

Linda and John Trimble 100.00

Kate, Laura and Thomas Lettau 25.00

Thomas and Naomi Young 25.00

In honor of my neighbors from Melinda Summer 50.00

Bernese and PaPa 25.00

Fred and Joyce Clinard 75.00

Michael and Peggy Maughon 100.00

Ralph and Ellen Bruce 1,000.00

Linda Bell 20.00

Jim, Mary Ellen and Max Engle 100.00

George and Tracy Strother 25.00

The Maxwell Family 200.00

Norma and Bob Newton 100.00

Ruth McDaniel and Julie Brunson 100.00

Ray 10.00

Barbara and Frank Walsh 75.00

Table 18 Man to Man 15.00

In honor of staff and volunteers at Fort Sumter National Monument from Jim and Mimi 30.00

In honor of children and grandchildren 100.00

Bill and Emma Mehard 150.00

St. Johns United Methodist Women 100.00

Mrs. Alwyn Berlin 100.00

McClellanville Town Office staff 50.50

Capt. Michael and Kerri Collins 100.00

VFW Post 3137 Men's Auxiliary, Isle of Palms, SC 600.00

In honor of our parents given by Fran and Joe 25.00

In thanksgiving for our grandsons: John, Tyler, Joseph and Carter given by Mimi and Poppa 25.00

Christina Kleindt 50.00

Royal Dutch Shell 588.34

Salem United Methodist Women 125.00

The Mount Pleasant Romeo Group 1,000.00

In honor of our grandchildren: Jon, Hunter, Tanner and Jordan 100.00

Gordon Teichner PhD 100.00

In thanksgiving for Dustin and Harrison from Ganny 50.00

From the bus drivers, monitors and office staff of Durham School Bus Service of Dorchester School District Two 60.00

In appreciation of the contribution of R.L. Schreadley to our newspaper from Bob Fraser 100.00

Mary Todd Poore 100.00

Francis Marion Hotel 1,000.00

In honor of my sons, Kent and Darien and their families from Ruth Gabriel 1,000.00

Robert and Ruth Guy 100.00

With love and thanksgiving for my grandchildren Mason, J.D., Hannah and KK from Grandmomma 200.00







Green Meadow Nursery LLC 200.00

Josh and Betty Garvin 200.00

Scott and Barbara Ferson (local) 25.00

Jane and Jay Mallory 100.00

Rudy and June Matzner 100.00

Church Creek Nursery Inc. 200.00


The McCrary and Gould Families 10.00

My son Jason Haigler and my dad Hank Fischer 25.00

Our parents Mary and Paul Pavlis and Mary and John Manutes from Bobby and GeeGee Manutes 100.00

Dalton M. and Doris Thomas and William Treat 30.00

Our parents Richard and Bessie King and Josh and Lois Garvin 600.00

My husband Ed from Sharon Klein 50.00

John C. Murphy from Edith G. Combs 50.00

Jack McCray from Judith Chamberlin 300.00

Booty and Matty 100.00

Douglas Poaps from Daniel and Cameron 30.00

My children Brad and Marta 50.00

Our PaPa: Ralph B. Hancock 100.00

Charleston furniture maker E.H. Boyd Smith and his grandson Phillip Boyd Smith 25.00

Hurricane Charlie Hall, Live Five weatherman, from "Charlie's Boys" Mel S., Jack P., Bill S., Gus B., Jim O., Tommy H., Jimmy S., Ed B. and CEH Jr. 35.00

My son Adam Wenger 100.00

Our parents the Rev. J.M. Woods Jr., Edd and Noreen Sellers and my brother Robert Sellers from Jim and Brenda Woods 100.00

Berry and Teddy 200.00

Ruby, Joe and Harold Newton and Sean Ayers 2,000.00

Ben and all others who will remain 4ever young 50.00

My son Shawn McGinnis and my brothers David Graham Jr. and Joe Lazicki 200.00

Mary Frances Ott by The Summersett Family 50.00

Sam and Betty Jones from Chuck and Flora Horne 100.00

Ralph Renken and Marie Wackym from Linda and Nick 100.00

Daniel S. Lesesne Jr. 75.00

Teddy Lesesne 75.00

Maribel Willard Bowman 75.00

Marvin Willard 75.00

My parents Mary and L.K. Simpson from Scott S. Blackmon 100.00

My precious Jammie from Ge Ge 100.00

Loved ones from Tom and Mary Ellen MacGregor 50.00

Judy Wyndham from Mom, Kenny, Kacee and Gay 100.00

The families of B.S. Mitchum and Ben Ward from A.Z. and Mary Mitchum 25.00

Our parents Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy A. Mazyck Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. N.E. Tucker Sr., our siblings Carol M. Smith, Jackie T. Larue and Eldridge Tucker and our Grandparents and other loved ones from Adeline and Kenny Tucker 250.00

Our grandaddy Roy L. Stewart from Chip and Ellie 50.00

Nancy and Kim Gray 50.00

Pearl 25.00

Bill Easterby 25.00

Steve DeMerell 25.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $15,061.84

PREVIOUS TOTAL $202,566.95

YEAR TO DATE $217,628.79

LAST YEAR TO DATE $279,519.20

CLARIFICATION: The $350 donated on Wednesday in honor of our service men and women and in memory of those who died was given by Ruth and Bill Baker.