Mary, a young mother without any other family, moved to the area several years ago for an employment opportunity. She recently had a baby born with severe medical conditions that will require special needs, surgery, home health assistance and baby items.

Because of the constant and urgent need to be at the hospital with her new baby, Mary lost her job and did not quality for benefits. She will need assistance this holiday season with rent, baby supplies and special formula until she can get back on her feet.

Your generous donation will go a long way toward showing Mary how caring and supportive her Lowcountry neighbors can be.

Contributions to The Post and Courier's Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are the Association for the Blind, Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank, the Salvation Army and Star Gospel Mission. There are no administrative costs involved and the agencies receive every cent of the money raised.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at Contributions received by noon Dec. 29 will be included in our final 2011 accounting on New Year's Eve. Donations received after that date will be applied toward the 2012 Good Cheer Fund.


Janice Lewis 200.00

Joan Roth 25.00

Mr. Dana M. Lamberson 100.00

For all our blessings 100.00

In honor of the sweetest nurse I ever met, Mary Fields of Roper Hospital. Thanks for all you do 100.00

Randy, Nan, Rachel and Emily Edwards 25.00

Peter, Cathy, Jenny and Keegan Ulber, Charleston 500.00

Kathleen and John Appleby 50.00

Rey. Caroline and Tommy Yeargin 150.00

Paul and Kitty Venancio 100.00

Merry Christmas to Louis Smith 25.00

In honor of Nell Parnell and her wonderful family 70.00

From Susan and Scooter in celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary of Betty and Wyatt 50.00

In honor of my sister Carla Engle and family: Husband Steve and sons Richard, Steven, Chad, and Russell 100.00

In honor of my sister, Marsha Reckley, her husband, Bill, and son, Will 100.00

In honor of our children, Will and Justine 200.00

For all our many blessing, The Smiths 200.00

In honor of Emily Rudolph for all her hard work for Charleston Bone and Joint 200.00

In honor of our patients and supporting physicians of Charleston Bone and Joint 200.00

Amy and Mike Paul 100.00

In honor of Courtyard Circle 30.00

In honor of our loving mother Dianne P. White 75.00

Travis Roberts 500.00

In honor of our grandson Emory from Edward and Emily Leung 100.00

In honor of Claire and Lauren 50.00

Richard C. Ellis 100.00

Stymie, a Bassett Hound 100.00

Charles and Nancy Horne 100.00

Barbara Ann and Robert Fitzhugh Lee 250.00

John and Elva Thomas 50.00

Margo Walden 100.00

Gratitude to Chuck Bender for his cheerful giving 25.00

In honor of Christopher and Jamison Otruba. Merry Christmas from Dad 400.00

In honor of our fellow team members at Wells Fargo Bank, Port City Store 50.00

In honor of Roper OR nurses 100.00

In honor of Harold and Shelley Myers on their 70th wedding anniversary from Robert and Alice 25.00

This year's contribution for the Friend group in lieu of presents 50.00

Davis Tree Company 250.00

The Conard Family 50.00

In honor of the hard work and dedication of the PreAdmit, Preop and Postop Staff at Roper Hospital 100.00

Keith U. Gordon 25.00















Edgewood Builders 100.00

Paul and Cathy Quattrini 100.00

Charlie and Beth Rivers 50.00

Riser, McLaurin & Gibbons LLP 100.00

Polly and Ed Horger 100.00


Douglas A. Munro USCG Medal Of Honor KIA WWII 25.00

Charles Edward McKee. Park Circle, SC KIA WWII 25.00

William and Beverly LeJeune. Married 71 years. RIP 50.00

Bob and Christina Hubler 75.00

W. Athell and Edna W. Yon 75.00

Our fathers Charles S. McGauran and Lincoln Martin 75.00

Jerry Glover 100.00

Nancy Studemeyer Drawdy, Joseph R. Studemeyer and John B. Drawdy Sr. 100.00

Chris Honeycutt, a loving mother, grandmother and beautiful wife 200.00

My parents Mr. and Mrs. Glen Leyde 100.00

Peck, Emma and Skippy Noland 100.00

Harry and Aurelia Kent from Jenny, Edie, Ross and Alex 50.00

Laura Walker from Anne and Stan 25.00

Bart from Rik and Martha 200.00

Betty Boaz from Joan and Bob 50.00

Our father Francis D. White 75.00

Julius H.W. Guerard, Martha K. Guerard, Peggy H. Guerard and Marion Guerard Glasscock 200.00

Lowry and Joanne Coe, Ralph and Anne Reinhold 100.00

Tommy Evatt 50.00

Our fathers George Frederking and W.H. Clark; our brothers Dave Frederking and Bill Clark 40.00

George B. Daniel, from his loving family 500.00

My sister Katherine Rivers 25.00

Ed Holst and Alison Holst 200.00

Bob McAbee 200.00

Don and Bernice Robinson 200.00

Our beloved Chester from John and Donna McGlynn 25.00

My wonderful husband Chris Waters 50.00

My parents Ronnie and Doris Metz and grandparents Ben and Hattie Graham 100.00

Frank B. Rose 50.00

Phillip Ucciferri 50.00

Kathleen and Charlie. Loved and missed 25.00

My loving father Sonny Goldberg 50.00

Our fathers, Fred McKay Sr. and Walter "Buddy" Jenkins, from Fred and Claudia 100.00

Jack McCray from Starr and Phil Snead 100.00

Emily Heyward Bennett loved and missed by Bryan, Amy, Caroline, Chase and Courtney 100.00

Thomas L. Read 250.00

Virginia Ward 100.00

Larry Galbraith 100.00

Sam and Mary Webster, Ernest Smith and Lucy M. Smith 200.00

My mother Dr. Ursula Kutter (MD) from Wolf and Tracie Kutter 500.00

Robert and Eleanor Frye 150.00

Capt. and Mrs. T. Pinckney Lowndes, Col. and Mrs. Robert Blanton, Mr. Fred Mixson and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blanton 300.00

Coleman and Craig Mizzell. Very much missed by family and friends 100.00

My brother Steve and parents Jo and Buddy Olney. I sure miss you 50.00

Our mothers Janet Bennett and Cecil Leavitt from Mary and Randy McWhorter 50.00

Walter R. Moore Jr. and E. Roy Everette Jr. 50.00

Jesse, Helen, Anne, Peg and Jessie my loving parents and aunts 30.00

My husband William (Bill) Kraus. Love, Dora Lee (Micky) Kraus 50.00

Clarence and Loretta Hill from Robert and Alice Myers 25.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $13,545.00

PREVIOUS TOTAL $189,021.95

YEAR TO DATE $202,566.95

LAST YEAR TO DATE $233,687.93