MOUNT PLEASANT — A 40-year-old Mount Pleasant woman allegedly performing sex acts at the end of her in-home massage faces charges of prostitution and operating a business without a license.

Police first learned about the activities at 3265 Scranton Drive in Ivy Hall when someone called to complain about suspicious activity. Many men visited the house but only stayed for about an hour, a police report says.

Officers stopped some of those customers and learned that Dawn Marie McGovern offered a massage service that ended with a sex act, according to the report. Last month an undercover detective arranged an appointment with McGovern who identified herself as “Brittan.”

His report says McGovern led him upstairs to a massage table. It says that she wore a blue skirt and suit jacket when she began the massage but that she took off clothes until she wore only underwear by the end.

She began to touch the detective’s genitals, the report says, until he told her it made him uncomfortable. When she stopped, he pulled out a $150 payment and also his police badge.

Officers who came inside the house did not handcuff McGovern, since she cooperated with them. McGovern told officers that after losing her job a few months ago, she needed money to pay for child support and medicine.

She added that she thought what she was doing was legal if she asked permission and that she never touched a man’s genitals without asking first. She could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

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