CLEMSON -- Offensive coordinator Chad Morris eavesdropped on the conversation tight end Dwayne Allen was leading on the sideline Saturday night, as Clemson made its comeback in the second half at Maryland.

"(Allen) said 'If we have to go score 50 to win, then let's go score 50,' " Morris said. "It went back and forth and Allen called them back again and said 'If we have to score 70 to win this game, let's do it.'"

Last season, Clemson ranked 88th in total offense. Under Morris, Clemson ranks 15th in the nation in total offense this season, averaging 487 yards per game.

"They believe that there's no deficit too big, there's no one they think they can't line up and play and beat," Morris said. "You saw that really come together (Saturday) … any championship team I've been a part of has had to overcome adversity."

Last season, there were plenty of deficits the players doubted they could overcome.

"Last year I'd say 'Guys, if we need to score 26, let's score 26, maybe,' " Allen said. "There was no doubt we were going to win the game (Saturday) and that's how different it is. We would get down maybe a touchdown (last season) and we would feel the momentum switch it would be like all hope is lost."

Running back Andre Ellington agreed. "Last year, (facing a deficit) we'd kind of give up at that point," Ellington said. "Having the type of team we have this year, being behind we don't get rattled at all we stick together."

Bellamy frustrated

Freshman running back Mike Bellamy appeared to be upset when leaving Byrd Stadium on Saturday, a game in which the five-star rated prospect ran four times for 12 yards. At one point in the game Bellamy was spotted with a towel draped over his head. Bellamy has expressed frustration with his lack of playing time this season, while also acknowledging his lack of mastery of the offense.

Morris was asked if Bellamy is unhappy on Monday.

"We are going to handle (Bellamy) in house," Morris said. "It's about the Tigers. It's about our guys that are putting forth everything they got to win a ballgame. We're not going to let any one person derail something that we got going."

Allen has attempted to improve Bellamy's perspective. As a young player at Clemson, Allen also voiced frustration over his lack of touches.

"I talk to all the younger guys and let them know their time is coming," Allen said. "They have to allow the game to come to them. Bellamy is a guy with a lot of talent and can, and is, going to help us down the road. He has to understand his time is coming. Patience, that's the only thing I stress with him."

What's the ceiling?

A healthy Ellington demonstrated Saturday night that Clemson can have both an explosive running game and passing game. After scoring 56 points versus Maryland, what is the ceiling for this Clemson offense?

"I don't think there is (a ceiling)," Morris said. "The sky is the limit."