CLEMSON – Clemson was linked again to the Southeastern Conference this week via the Boston Globe’s Web site, though Clemson President James Barker told The Post and Courier that any SEC interest in Clemson is news to him.

“We have not had any contact at all from the SEC whether it be through first, second or third parties,” Barker said Thursday morning. “We are part of the ACC and that is how we are planning our future.”

The Boston Globe reported Wednesday the SEC has a back-up plan should Missouri not join the conference. The Globe reported: “word is spreading through the SEC that Clemson may come into play as team No. 14. The Tigers are more of an SEC fit than ACC fit in many ways.”

Earlier this month, Missouri Chancellor Brady Beaton was given authority by the Missouri board of trustees to consider withdrawing from the Big 12I. The SEC is reportedly interested in the St. Louis and Kansas City television markets that Missouri delivers. Moreover, there is thought to be resistance from schools like South Carolina, Florida and Georgia of adding an in-state team to the SEC.

The majority of SEC presidents would accept Missouri as the 14th member but the conference does not yet have the nine presidential votes required to accept Missouri falling “just short,” according to the Birmingham (Ala.) News.

The Birmingham News reported earlier this month that there is a group of SEC presidents who believe “the SEC can do better than Missouri and that No. 14 should come from the East.”

Barker said Clemson is committed to the ACC, the same message he delivered the last time Clemson was linked to the SEC in August. Barker indicated the ACC’s recent additions of Syracuse and Pittsburgh, have stabilized the conference.

“I think that’s been a positive thing for our conference,” Barker said.