Mark your calendars for Oct. 16 when Old School Championship Wrestling returns to the Hanahan Rec Center.

For $10 admission ($5 for kids 12 and under), it’s one of the best deals in town.

Former WWE performer Luke Gallows (aka Festus and most recently a member of C.M. Punk’s Straight Edge Society) will headline the show against Savannah native Vordell Walker.

Walker, one of the top workers on the independent scene, made headlines several years ago when he backed down surly veteran Rick Steiner during a show in Florida. Steiner, who took liberties with the younger Walker during a tag-team match, apparently didn’t get the memo that Walker’s nickname was “Shooter.”

Steiner, who had a reputation as a bully in the ring and routinely worked overly stiff with less polished opponents, found out the hard way that Walker was nobody’s whipping boy.

Walker, an expert in mixed martial arts, carved out a reputation of his own that night.

Steiner shot on Walker during their first contact in the ring, delivered a stiff kick to his face and busted open Walker’s lip. The match deteriorated at that point, with Walker retaliating with some shoot kicks of his own, a guillotine chokehold and an assortment of moves from which the former University of Michigan standout had trouble escaping.

Walker later confronted Steiner and challenged him to fight “if that’s what he preferred,” with Steiner reportedly cursing and walking away from any further damage.

“Listen, if you want to finish this right now, let’s go on and fight and do it right now,” Walker told Steiner. “This is me and you right now.”

“I had him in any situation I wanted to have him in as far as submission or choke-wise,” said Walker. “But I really wanted to work this match out. It never ended up like that. I had to protect myself and try to teach him a lesson at the same time.”

Walker now has 10 years pro experience under his belt, and it’s unlikely that anyone will try to shoot on “The Shooter” anytime in the near future in a pro wrestling ring.

Also making his local debut at the OSCW show will be James Island product Pete Kaasa.

Kaasa, who has spent most of the past year training in Atlanta where he earned rave reviews working with the WWA4 promotion, is looking forward to his first match in his home city.

“I’m really stoked,” says Kaasa, who has been back in Charleston for two months but will be training in Atlanta this week in preparation for his upcoming match. The 27-year-old, who worked as heel Peter Kaasanova in Georgia, will return to the Atlanta area the following week for an Oct. 22 three-way match with Dragon Gate USA standout A.R. Fox and The Black Baron.

Several other bouts will highlight the Old School Championship Wrestling show here on Oct. 16. Solitude will defend his OSCW Universal title against John Skyler, while Asylum defends the OSCW world title against Josh Magnum.

Also making his return to Charleston on the show will be Adrian “Tank” Lewis. Lewis will take part in a Fatal Four Way match for the company’s hardcore title.

Bell time is 6 p.m., and gates open at 5 p.m.

For more information, call 743-4800.

-- Good news for 16-time world champ “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Flair, 62, who was told two weeks ago that he would have to undergo surgery due to a torn triceps suffered during a match with Sting last month, may not have to have surgery after all.

“It’s postponed right now, but I may not even have to have it,” says Flair. “The doctor looked at it and said the thing was healing itself.”

Flair had already signed in at the hospital and had a brace fitted when the doctor checked on him. “He told me it was a miracle. He said, ‘Ric, you’re one in a million.’”

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” says Flair.

Flair attended a benefit show for Shane “Hurricane” Helms Wednesday night in his hometown of Charlotte.

The event, which also featured Edge and Mick Foley, was held at the Charlotte Comedy Club.

“I originally saw this as a way for the wrestling community to help out one of our own during a time of need,” said Foley. “But a few weeks ago, Shane told me that he would like to take whatever money is raised and use it to produce an effective public service announcement, which will likely help others avoid the pain and suffering, and loss of income that Shane had to endure.

“He admitted that having his livelihood taken away from him has been, and will continue to be a financial strain, but really felt strongly about using whatever funds were raised to help others.”

Flair admits he was entertained by Foley’s stand-up comedy act.

“I had never seen him do that ... he is actually really entertaining. Foley is really funny.”

Flair says he was glad he attended the event.

“I’ve been very close to Hurricane for a long time. He’s such a nice kid. He’s one of the most respectful guys I’ve ever met.”

Back in May, Helms with his girlfriend, Karen, were in an motorcycle accident near their North Carolina home. Helms suffered a broken ankle, broken jaw and a broken nose. He also had to have 200 stitches. His girlfriend suffered a broken neck in the accident.

-- TNA standout Robert “Bobby” Roode continues to be a performer to watch.

The 34-year-old Ontario, Canada, native has come into his own during the past couple of years.

His passion for the business shone through in a recent interview with his hometown newspaper, The Peterborough Examiner, as he reminisced about playing ball hockey in the street as a young boy and imagining scoring the winning goal in the Stanley Cup final.

“This is my Stanley Cup,” said Roode, referring to his upcoming world title match with TNA champion and former Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view Oct. 16 in Philadelphia. “This is the furthest I have ever gone (singles) and definitely the highlight for me in my years of wrestling. It is the kind of thing I dreamt about when I was younger and first got started.”

Roode may be finally getting a well-deserved push in singles competition, but it was his work as a tag-team specialist that put him on the wrestling map. Roode’s pairing with James Storm as Beer Money has been a throwback to the days when tag-team wrestling was an integral part of the business. A series of matches with The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) were among the best tag bouts in recent years.

Roode told the newspaper that he is just happy to be in the mix.

“I got into it because I was a huge wrestling fan when I was a small child. I watched it every weekend. It’s in my blood and I have a passion for it. There is fame and fortune, but they aren’t the main reasons I’m in it. I’m basically shy and personal and do it simply because I love it. I worked hard to put myself out there and make a name for myself. I love every minute of it.”

Roode garnered the most points among 12 wrestlers during the Bound For Glory series which ran from June to September to earn the right to face Angle as the top contender.

Roode is a former stick boy for the Ontario Hockey League’s Peterborough Petes and player at the local junior B and high school hockey levels. He scored the winning goal in overtime for Kenner Collegiate in the OFSAA final in 1995.

-- There’s a new sheriff in town at TNA, and his name is Bruce Prichard.

Vince Russo was replaced as head writer of the creative team, although he will continue to have a role in the creative process.

Prichard also heads the talent relations division. Russo will continue writing the shows along with Matt Conway under the direction of Prichard.

-- Jeff Hardy turned himself in to a North Carolina jail last week in order to serve his 10-day sentence stemming from his conviction on drug trafficking and other charges.

Hardy was given 30 months of probation and a $100,000 fine.

Jeff’s brother, Matt, is in rehab in the wake of numerous DUI arrests and a drug raid on his North Carolina home.

-- Pending DUI charges against Kurt Angle stemming from an arrest in Virginia on Sept. 4 were reduced last week to a charge of reckless driving.

Two Breathalyzer tests were administered to Angle, with the first coming in at 0.091, which is above the 0.08 legal limit, and the second, taken about two hours later, registering at 0.06.

Angle is scheduled for a trial date on Nov. 18 and faces a maximum of one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

-- Darren Young has been suspended for 30 days for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy. It was Young’s first violation.