CLEMSON -- Clemson president James Barker and the university's board of trustees held a teleconference Monday afternoon, an impromptu session scheduled after the weekend's conference realignment rumors.

Monday's board meeting was described as a session of information gathering. There were no votes taken or decisions made during an hour-long session, a conference call prompted by the weekend's rumors of imminent Southeastern Conference expansion. Some reports had Clemson as a target of the SEC.

University spokesperson Cathy Sams was on the teleconference and told The Post and Courier that Clemson has not been approached by the SEC and has not reached out to the SEC.

"There has been no contact either way," Sams said. "At the time a decision was made to have a meeting, it appeared there was (imminent) action related to Texas A&M. … Even though that was taken off the table Sunday, the chairman and president talked and said it would still be good for everyone to have a chance to hear what we know and what we don't know.

"They hear the same rumors and speculation that have been all over the media."

On Friday and Saturday, reports had Texas A&M joining the SEC as early as this week.

Some reports included Clemson as a candidate to join the conference along with A&M to give the SEC balance in the form of 14 teams. But Texas A&M was not formerly invited to the SEC on Sunday when the SEC conference presidents met. And A&M has postponed making a decision on its future with Big 12.

The board went into executive session Monday, meaning the conversation was confidential and not make public.

Clemson BOT chairman David Wilkins said there was nothing new to add to what president James Barker told the Post and Courier on Saturday when Barker said Clemson was committed to the ACC.