Photographs by Edward C. Fennell // The Post and Courier

The Color Guard of the Army Drill Sergeant's School at Fort Jackson marches Friday in front of two busts that are forensic reconstructions of the heads and faces of two members of the black 55th Massachusetts Regiment that arrived at Folly Beach in 1863. The busts were created by a forensic artist using two skulls found in 1987 at a Civil War-era graveyard on Folly Island. A marker honoring the troops was dedicated Friday.

Robert Bohrn of Frankfort, Ky., and his daughters, Emily, 16, and Caroline, 19 (right), unveil a historic marker during ceremonies Friday at Folly River Park at Folly Beach. While relic hunting in 1987, Robert Bohrn found bones that turned out to be from troops in the 55th Massachusetts Regiment, which camped at Folly, 1863-64.

Minerva King (right) of Charleston, snaps photos of her grandchildren, Tyler Johnson, 15 (left), Norman Johnson, 11 (back), and Noland Johnson, 8, near two forensically recreated busts of Civil War troops from the 55th Massachusetts Regiment. King and her family attended a dedication ceremony Friday for a historic marker citing the sacrifices of the 55th.