David Quick // The Post and Courier

“Army Wives” star Kim Delaney checks out Amber Nguyen’s tattoo, a hibiscus flower symbolizing her son Evyn being born in Hawaii, after talking to 58 wives at a makeover held by The Look for Success on Saturday.

Celebrity "Army wife" Kim Delaney chatted it up with nearly 60 Air Force and Navy wives in North Charleston Saturday at a free spring makeover organized by a nonprofit, The Look for Success.

Most of the women have husbands deployed overseas and were recommended for the event by the Navy or Air Force.

"I don't know how you do it," said Delaney in a question-and-answer session. "I just play it. I don't think I could live it."

In response, Brandi Varnes told Delaney that "Army Wives" helps show their husbands and the rest of America what many military spouses have to deal with.

Varnes said, "It shows how their lives aren't easy overseas and how ours isn't easy at home."

Delaney expressed appreciation for what they, as military wives, must do on a daily basis. She then stayed around to pose for photos, sign autographs, talk and even compare back tattoos with one woman, Amber Nguyen, whose husband is often deployed on the submarine Louisville.

As part of the makeover, volunteers from Stella Nova Spa provided haircuts or make-up sessions to the women at the event. Besides the makeovers, the wives also received free spa kits and "Army Wives" tank tops.

Look for Success founder Kim Goedde said the nonprofit uses makeovers as a way to boost the morale and confidence of women who are facing hardships.