The NAACP announced Monday that while they don't plan to protest any events connected with the 150th anniversary of firing on Fort Sumter, they will hold a "teach-in" Tuesday night.

The event, called "The Truth about the Civil War and the Lingering Effects," will include brief lectures by College of Charleston history professor Dr. Bernard Powers, NAACP state president Lonnie Randolph, national NAACP vice president The Rev. Nelson B. Rivers III, and Charleston School of Law board chairman Alex Sanders.

The public is invited to the event which will run from 6-9 p.m. in Room 100 of the College of Charleston's Maybank Hall.

Rivers and Randolph announced the event Monday as a way of setting the record straight, in their eyes, about the horrors of slavery and the war.

"Many times, these celebrations have been romanticizing the past, transforming the past from what it was to what they want it to be," Rivers said.