What are you trying to get out of the next month?

"We could certainly use the work. We've got some critical players we're trying to evaluate, to see if they're going to be able to help us in the two-deep. Kelcy Quarles up front. Chaz Sutton needs to have a good spring. It's a chance to move some guys around. We've got Damario Jeffery working at (weakside) linebacker; that's a key development for us. We've moved DeVonte (Holloman) up to spur; we're going to try to move him up closer to the box. In doing that, we're opening up some of the reps to some of those younger guys (at boundary safety). Some of those younger guys have to step up. … I think the No. 1 objective is trying to identify some key players, especially young guys or guys coming off injuries."

What about from a schematic perspective, especially some of the things that ailed the defense last season?

"We've got to get better on third-down passing situations. I know Coach (Steve Spurrier) will create those in practice as we go along through the 15 days. I know we'll create a lot of situations on that. We've got to find guys who can be better one-on-one pass rushers. We've got to find some things within our pressure package that's more effective. We've got to find some guys that can cover well in man technique. We've got to find some guys that can be more consistent with assignments out there."

What ultimately caused you to choose to move Holloman? I'm sure it's something you had previously considered.

"Whenever we make moves, our philosophy is to move early rather than late. The only reason he hadn't moved yet is because we hadn't had the luxury of moving him. He's been the best player back there. We hadn't had a chance to move him because nobody behind him has shown any ability to get him off that spot. I think he's going to be a really good player near the box. I think he would've been from the day he walked on the field; we just haven't had that luxury. Spring ball is spring ball. We don't play anybody next week. We're not keeping score. We're not even going to cut the scoreboard on. We're going to move guys around and figure out who we can play. If those guys don't step up at (safety), he may have to move back."

Is it interesting you're moving two of your starting safeties (Holloman to spur, Akeem Auguste to corner) out of a spot that was already particularly thin?

"It's wide open back there now. D.J. (Swearinger), of course, is a starter (at field safety). But moving those two guys out of the way, we've got an opportunity for a lot of those guys to get a bunch of reps. We'll see where they are in 15 (practices). We'll see what kind of progress they've made."

Is there a No. 1 at boundary safety?

"Not really."

Saw linebacker Rodney Paulk in a yellow jersey for no contact. What's his status?

"Rodney's not going to practice this spring. He had something cleaned up in his knee. I think he'll be (100 percent). The knee they worked on last week unfortunately isn't the one he hurt the year before last. He had a little cartilage issue on the other knee. It's a very bright outlook on that. It's optimistic. And now he'll play without that big heavy brace on the knee he had surgery on. You knock on wood, but I think Rodney's going to have a better season next year."