Q: What are your thoughts about how Charlie Sheen has been making the news lately?

'I haven't really been following it, but from what I heard, he may need psychiatric help.'

Jim Ackerman

Round O

Truck driver instructor,

Palmetto Training

'I think he needs to go to rehab. And how he's putting up videos and going viral is just a way for him to get money and gain publicity.'

Joy Ford


Stay-at-home mom,

Trident Tech student

'I think if we wouldn't pay him any attention that he would just go away.'

Danielle Jenkins


General manager,

Church's Chicken,


'Sounds like he's got a lot of problems. It's just sad he feels he has to act out that way.'

Shelly Westbury


Stay-at-home mom

'I've heard of him, but I don't even know who he is.'

Kaylin Grimm