Jadeveon Clowney's busy day continued Saturday night as he played his second basketball game in as many nights. Earlier in the afternoon, the nation's top high school football recruit attended his football banquet at South Pointe High School, and he met with the film crew from New York which is filming a documentary on him.

Clowney's coach at South Pointe, Bobby Carroll, talked on the phone Saturday with Clowney, who has yet to sign with a college, and Carroll confirmed that Alabama is not as strong with Clowney at this point.

"It's not because of Alabama's legacy or anything like that," Carroll said. "It's the proximity thing. He's just not sure he wants to make that long ride."

USC and Clemson are the top two with Clowney as of Saturday night, and as he has throughout this process, Carroll said again he feels Clowney is the Gamecocks' to lose.

"That's what my gut feeling is," he said. "He's not saying a whole lot. I think he pretty much knows where he wants to go, though."

Carroll also said Clowney has not told him of any plans to make any more visits, official or unofficial. That includes a rumored unofficial visit to Clemson for next Saturday's basketball game with North Carolina.

A source close to Clowney said earlier Saturday that Clowney is growing weary of the process.

"He said he's tired," the source said. "He said he's kind of ready for it to be over with."

The source said Clowney remains tight-lipped about what he's thinking, but he said Clowney may know where he's going. "He wants it to be a shock," the source said.

"He doesn't want anybody to know what he's going to do. Part of it is, he's still up in the air. But deep down inside he knows."

The source said he believes Clowney knows where he wants to go but is taking the extra time to make certain of his decision. Clowney will announce his choice Feb. 14.