U.S. Rep.-elect Tim Scott has been appointed to both the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the Committee on Small Business.

Scott said he was honored that the House GOP Steering Committee gave him those assignments.

"Looking at the needs of our district, from construction of I-73 in Horry County to deepening of the Port in Charleston, there is no better committee for me to be on than Transportation and Infrastructure," he said.

Scott also said his background as a small business owner and entrepreneur will help his work with the Small Business Committee. And he said he hopes both panels will approve policies that allow the private sector to create new jobs.

The Transportation and Infrastructure panel oversees improvements to rivers and harbors; construction and maintenance of roads; federal management of emergencies and natural disasters; and other transportation regulations. It's expected to debate extending the Federal Highway Program next year.

The Committee on Small Business oversees the Small Business Administration and focuses on private sector job growth.