Woman reports scare at fast-food drive-through

Dorchester County sheriff's deputies responded Nov. 14 to a fast-food restaurant on Dorchester Road where one customer was kicking another customer's car, according to a report.

The complainant, 22, of Daniel Island said she was in line for the drive-through at about 2 a.m. when a pickup truck in front of her was taking a very long time, the report says.

She said she honked her horn, and then the passenger in the truck, a woman of about 20, got out and came back to her vehicle and began yelling and screaming through her window, the report states.

The unknown woman then reportedly sat on the hood of the complainant's car while hitting the front of it.

The complainant said the truck then pulled up and an unknown man, also about 20, jumped out of the truck, ran back to her car and started kicking the front bumper. The complainant said the incident scared her because the pair were "just acting crazy," the report states. She gave police the truck's license plate number.

The reporting officer did not observe any damages to the woman's car, but she was given a case number. Nothing further was reported.

Man, 86, charged in fight with wife, 81

An 86-year-old Dorchester man was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence after he reportedly hit his 81-year-old wife with a trash can.

The husband told deputies, "I hit her in the head with a trash can just once for waking me up," a Dorchester County Sheriff's Office report says.

The incident happened Nov. 13 a little after midnight when the wife went into the bedroom to look for her pajamas. She asked her husband where they were, and he replied that he didn't know. The wife reportedly then accused him of hiding the pajamas from her.

The wife said she then placed some items on the bed with her husband, and when he got up, he struck her in the head with a trash can, the report states.

The woman reportedly had to use a towel to wrap up her head because she received a cut on her forehead.

The husband, however, told officers a slightly different story. He

stated he was lying in bed when his wife kicked in the door of the bedroom and demanding to know where her pajamas were, the report states.

The man said his wife began throwing items onto the bed with him, so he got up, picked up a trash can and struck her in the head with it to stop her from throwing things at him, the report states.

Deputies called EMS to treat the woman for her injuries, while the man was arrested and taken to the county jail without incident.

The wife found her pajamas after the argument, the report states.

Report: Inmate causes $2,000 damage to cell

The Charleston County Detention Center reported an inmate caused about $2,000 worth of damage to the property, according to a Charleston County Sheriff's Office report.

According to the center at Leeds Avenue, the inmate, 42, of Charleston stuck a towel in a toilet and flooded one of the cells. Officers then found that the inmate etched his name on a window frame, numbers on a metal desk and a word on a shelf inside the cell.

The inmate also reportedly drew a Confederate flag on one of the doors.

The inmate still is incarcerated on felony charges stemming from an incident where he damaged CCDC property, the report states.

Man charged with trespassing at a home

After being alerted by a loud noise coming from his living room, a Pineville man found a stranger fast asleep in one of his chairs, according to a Berkeley County Sheriff's Office report.

The complainant, 61, reported the incident at about 2:30 a.m. Nov. 13. He said he was sleeping when he heard the noise and then walked out to his living room to find the man asleep, the report states.

The complainant said he then called 911 and fled to his neighbor's house to wait for police.

The man reportedly still was asleep when officers arrived. Deputies woke the man and asked him if he knew where he was and to show his ID. The man could not say where he was or provide any identification. He then fell down in front of the officers.

Officers, however, found the man's ID in his wallet, and he turned out to be a 34-year-old Rockville resident. The man apparently entered the house through the front door, the report states, because there were no signs of forced entry.

Deputies arrested the man and charged him with trespassing. He was taken to the Hill Finklea Detention Center.

Man leads police on 12-mile car chase

A Cross man led Berkeley County sheriff's deputies on a hot pursuit through Moncks Corner Nov. 13 ending with his arrest after he crashed his vehicle and ran off on foot, according to a report.

The incident started with officers receiving word that a blue Toyota had a tag coming back to a white Nissan Maxima that was reported stolen. An officer spotted the Toyota at South Live Oak Drive and Perry Hill Road and intercepted it.

The driver, 45, however, didn't stop and instead led the officer on a high speed chase for nearly 12 miles, according to a report.

While speeding down Highway 52 toward Goose Creek, the driver reportedly swerved several times, cutting off cars and almost causing accidents. Officers deployed Stop Sticks to deflate the car's tires.

The driver reportedly ran right into the spikes and immediately started losing speed. The driver, however, kept going and turned onto Cypress Gardens Road, where at one point, one of his front tires completely came off the rim, and sparks started flying, the report states.

Darting through a red light at the Old Highway 52 intersection, the driver wove in between crossing traffic nearly crashing into a couple of cars. The Toyota, however, went airborne across the intersection and the driver lost control, running off the road and crashing into a tree near Spring Grove Road, the report states.

Still not giving up, the man tried escaping on foot through a backyard, but officers finally caught up to him with the use of a canine officer.

The man reportedly told officers he had been drinking alcohol while driving and had smoked crack earlier that day. He was charged with failure to stop for blue lights.

In the suspect's car, officers found a 14-inch serrated knife on the floor of the driver seat, a black-handled claw hammer on the passenger side along with a pair of gloves, an empty 12-ounce beer can and two purses in the back seat of the car.

Deputies also confirmed that the Toyota and the license plate on the car were indeed stolen. The owner of the Toyota was contacted, but the car could not be driven so it had to be towed from the scene.

The man was held pending further warrants.

These news items were taken from selected incident reports from the Dorchester, Berkeley and Charleston county sheriff's offices.

Man reportedly caught mooning officers

When officers asked a man for his identification, a 35-year-old man yelled, 'You want to see my ID?' then tossed objects from his pockets, unbuckled his belt, dropped his trousers and lowered his underwear, according to a Charleston police report. And it was all captured on videotape, the report says.

The report says an officer patrolling in the Market Area Nov. 11 saw a 'very agitated' man who yelled to the officer that he wanted to talk to him. The man became 'verbally abusive,' however, which drew a crowd, and the man tried to walk away when the officer approached, the report states.

The purported exposure took place after a second officer arrived in a vehicle with a video camera running, and captured events on tape, the report states. Police charged the man with indecent exposure and booked him into the Charleston County Detention Center, the report says.

Traffic charges include fifth-offense DUS

Fifth-offense driving under suspension was among charges made in a traffic stop Oct. 12 on James Island, a Charleston County Sheriff's Office report says. Deputies responding to a report of a license tag being stolen from a truck parked at a boat landing saw a car fitting the description of the suspect's car and noted it had a cracked taillight, the report says. After being pulled over, the driver reportedly said that his driver's license was suspended. A search of his clothing turned up a crack-smoking pipe, the report states.

Records showed that the license tag on the car had been reported stolen in May, and that a sticker on the plate was from the plate that had been reported stolen hours earlier, according to the report. It was reportedly also learned that the driver had been charged with DUS four times in the past five years.

The 29-year-old driver was taken to Charleston County Detention Center and charged with altering a license plate, driving without insurance, two counts of possession of a stolen license plate and fifth-offense DUS, the report says.

Woman first refuses search, then says OK

A 20-year-old woman told police who suspected marijuana was in her car and wanted to search it, that her father is a lawyer, 'and he told her never to give police consent,' according to a report.

The search was conducted anyway, and turned up a small bag of the drug, according to the Folly Beach Public Safety Department report.

The report says the car was stopped late Oct. 21 after purportedly speeding past a patrol vehicle. A strong odor of marijuana came from the stopped car, occupied by the driver and a passenger, the report says. An officer wrote in the report that the driver was advised that even though she denied consent to search, the odor of marijuana provided police with probable cause to search. She also was advised that if she would give up the drugs without a search, she could be issued a ticket and not taken to jail, the report says.

She then said OK and retrieved a small sandwich bag from her purse that contained two green buds and turned it over to the officer. The report says police confiscated small amounts of pot, a smoking pipe with marijuana residue, a grinder with marijuana residue, a paper rolling machine and rolling papers. Two driver's licenses that did not belong to either person in the car were found and confiscated, the report says.

The driver and passenger were ticketed for possession of drug paraphernalia and simple possession of marijuana. The driver also was charged with speeding, the report says.

Expired tag leads to several other charges

Police who stopped a car because the license tags had reportedly expired learned that the man behind the wheel was wanted by police, and that his driver's license was suspended.

The officer who stopped the car Oct. 28 in West Ashley recognized the driver as one he's arrested before, and one whose license had been suspended because he's a habitual offender, the Charleston police report says. A records check reportedly confirmed that the license is under suspension until May 2013, and that the car's tag was suspended in November 2009 for failure to pay property taxes. It also was found that the 23-year-old driver was wanted by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office for contempt of court, the report says.

The driver was charged with habitual offending, driving under suspension and failure to surrender suspended tags, and was taken to the Charleston County Detention Center to be served with the warrant, the report says. The car's tags were removed and turned over to the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles, the report says.

Not wearing seat belt draws attention

Police who stopped a car because the driver was not wearing his seat belt discovered the driver operating with a license suspended because of drug convictions, according to a Charleston police report.

The report says the car was pulled over Oct. 28 on the peninsula, and the driver was asked for his license, registration and proof of insurance. A check of police records reportedly showed the license was suspended for narcotics violations. The 24-year-old driver was charged with driving under suspension, presenting a suspended driver's license, failure to surrender a suspended driver's license and a seat belt violation, the report says.

The driver was advised of his court date, and the car was turned over to a properly licensed passenger, the report says.

These news items are taken from selected incident reports from Charleston police and the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

Woman reports man trying to enter home

A 50-year-old Mount Pleasant woman told Mount Pleasant police that she was trying to sleep when she thought she heard a person trying to enter her home from the back door.

An officer walked around to a staircase in the back of the building and saw a man walking down the steps. The man, 22, of North Carolina, told police that he was trying to get into his friend's house. The man was intoxicated, had trouble completing a full sentence and was unsteady on his feet, the report states. The officer told the man that he was at the wrong home and arrested him on a charge of public intoxication.

Man charged with public drunkenness

A 45-year-old man at a retirement community called Mount Pleasant police when a shoeless 18-year-old

asked to use the phone after 4 a.m.

The 45-year-old man, an employee at the retirement village, pointed out the man to police and said that he thought he was drunk.

The 18-year-old reportedly told police that he was drinking alcoholic beverages at a friend's home and left to try to get a ride to the street his brother lives on. The report states that the 18-year-old admitted to being drunk, so he was arrested on a charge of drunkenness in public, the report states.

Harassment via text, Internet reported

A 23-year-old Charleston woman recently told Mount Pleasant police that a 30-year-old

Mount Pleasant woman had been harassing her over the phone through text messages and on the Internet since June, a report states. The Mount Pleasant woman reportedly was an ex-girlfriend of the Charleston woman's boyfriend. The messages said things such as, 'You are done,' and, 'I will ruin you on face book,' according to the report.

The Charleston woman told police that the Mount Pleasant woman worked for an Internet firm and that she

created a porn website about the complainant and had sent things to her family members. The boyfriend said he had moved twice just to get away from the Mount Pleasant woman.

The Charleston woman said she wanted to file a police report in order to get a restraining order on the Mount Pleasant woman. There was nothing further.

Tire flat; 3 women put on trespass notice

A 22-year-old Mount Pleasant man said he was trying to break up a fight when he heard the hissing of air rushing from his car's tire, according to a report from the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

It was just after midnight Nov. 13 when a 40-year-old

homeowner heard an argument between her daughter, 20, and other females outside her home and called law enforcement.

The 22-year-old man, who was also at the home, said his ex-girlfriend, 21, came to confront his new girlfriend, the homeowner's daughter, and he stood between them.

'At that time, the argument became heated and it was at that time that the 22-year-old heard air deflating from his vehicle tire,' a report states. The two women, ages 23 and 19, with the ex-girlfriend pulled the ex-girlfriend away and they all ran, the man said.

The man said he couldn't identify who had cut his tire and that he did not

wish to pursue charges but wanted to document the incident.

The homeowner wanted all three girls to be placed on trespass notice. According to the report, the deputy confirmed the man's story by talking to the ex-girlfriend on the phone, and she said that one of the other two women damaged the tire. The deputy placed all three women on trespass notice.

Man reports caller making accusations

A 38-year-old Mount Pleasant man called police after receiving a harassing phone call. He said that a man with a Middle Eastern accent called his cell phone and said that the Mount Pleasant man's daughter kicked his dog, injuring it so as to require surgery and that he was going to call the police.

The Mount Pleasant man said to go ahead and call police, the report states, and the Mount Pleasant man hung up.

The Mount Pleasant man tried to call the man back but no one answered and he got the voice mail of a female. The Mount Pleasant man said he decided to call police because he was upset that someone would accuse his juvenile daughter of hurting a dog and that if she did hurt a dog, he would 'take care of it,' a report states.

The officer spoke with the man's daughter who said that she had made no contact with a dog that day or in the past.

Police called the number and left a voice mail but by the time of the report had not heard back.

These news items were taken from incident reports from the Mount Pleasant Police Department and Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

Jessica Miller