COLUMBIA -- A South Carolina lobbyist released a sworn statement Friday that reiterates his claim of a tryst with Republican gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley.

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Blogger details alleged tryst with SC gov nominee, published 10/13/10

Larry Marchant gave no proof of the allegation in his one-page affidavit. He first made his assertion in June and said he restated it at the request of a newly formed group of Republican activists critical of the married state representative.

Haley has denied Marchant's allegation. She also has denied claims of a 2007 affair with Will Folks, a political blogger and former spokesman for Gov. Mark Sanford, who also released an affidavit this week.

Her campaign called the statement worthless and accused the political group of trying to generate publicity.

"Larry Marchant's affidavit is worth about as much as the lie detector test he failed in June," said her campaign manager Tim Pearson. "South Carolina deserves better than the three-ring media circus this group of lobbyists and insiders are desperately trying to generate."

Marchant did not fail the polygraph test. On June 7, a day before the primary, he took the test from two polygraph examiners paid for by WACH Fox News.

According to the TV station, Marchant officially tested "inconclusive," but an examiner said the test results showed no indication that Marchant was being untruthful.

Marchant said he and Haley had a one-night stand in 2008 while they attended a conference in Salt Lake City. He said the affidavit is the last time he will address the issue.