Singer-songwriter Jordan Igoe got her start playing gigs at her high school 10 years ago.

"I mentioned to a few guys in the guitar club that I played music, and I submitted a cassette tape," Igoe said. "I got very nauseous before the show, but after that, I was pretty good."

The nervous teen has come a long way since Wando High School. Igoe has blossomed as a songwriter since then, playing gigs locally at venues such as The Mill, the Music Farm, Awendaw Green, Cumberland's and The Village Tavern. Igoe also has been playing shows around the Southeast to a positive response. She was also one of the eight songwriters to play at the Pour House for its local singer-songwriter series.

Igoe finds time to write, record and play shows between her three jobs. The young songstress is also a server at a local downtown restaurant, an administrator to a fashion website and concert organizer at The Mill in Park Circle in North Charleston.

"I work three jobs in addition to being a musician. It's all things I enjoy doing, but it's very time-consuming."

Even though she's been playing the piano since she was 10 and guitar since she was 15, Igoe's soulful voice is the first thing that catches the attention of the listener. The music is reminiscent of old soul, folk and bluegrass, as well as traditional country music. The content of her songs is heartfelt and intriguing and accessible to a variety of audiences. She says she uses her songs to cathartically chronicle the events of her own life.

"I have some feel-good songs, but most of them are a deep reaction to a life event," Igoe said. "When I first started playing guitar, I wasn't interested in writing songs or playing out. I was going to a therapist because I had a bunch of problems with my parents getting divorced, and they told me to start a diary. I didn't want to do that because I already talk to myself out loud, and I didn't want to talk to myself on paper. I started writing and singing it out, and that, in itself, was more therapeutic."

Igoe has also been working on a self-recorded demo that is a collection of songs she's written over the past few years. She recorded the tracks on her own, using programs such as Garage Band and Pro Tools. Igoe hopes to continue recording and start playing more regional shows within the next six months to gain more exposure.

"I'd like to do a lot more touring," she said. "I want to start sending demos and press kits out. I've been playing out in Charleston for 10 years, and I definitely want to expand and go to different cities. It'd be awesome to see different places and play music at the same time."