Woman reports grocery cart rage

A 44-year-old woman told Mount Pleasant police on July 9 that a woman bumped her grocery cart with another cart July 2, a police report states.

The woman said she was waiting for her order at the seafood counter of a Mount Pleasant grocery when another woman's cart bumped her cart, the report states.

The 44-year-old woman said she told the other woman that what she had done was rude and asked if she was trying to run her over, the report says. The other woman replied, "Yeah I'm trying to run you over," and bumped her cart again, the woman reported. The woman reportedly said she got upset and then left the store after taking her things from the seafood counter.

The woman said the following day she ran into the same woman at a downtown Charleston store and had an argument, which she reported to the Charleston Police Department.

The woman said she shops at the Mount Pleasant store on a regular basis and that she would avoid the other woman in the future. The woman told police that the Mount Pleasant store had video footage of the fight and asked them to look at it, the report says.

Zero tolerance for 18-year-old driver

A woman involved in a motor vehicle accident July 9 told a Mount Pleasant police officer that she had a little road rage going on and had tailgated the driver in front of her while making an obscene gesture out the window, a police report states.

The officer was asked to come to the scene of a collision because an 18-year-old driver was suspected to have been drinking alcohol, the report states. The 18-year-old admitted the road rage and tailgating, and said she had had three beers on Folly Beach, the report says.

The officer who arrived asked her to take field sobriety tests, which she passed, the report says. The officer took her to the police department to give her a breath test for zero tolerance, as she was underage for alcohol consumption. The breath sample read 0.12, the report states.

The woman then was advised that her license was suspended and she was given a copy of the accident report. Her parents picked her up from the police department, the report says.

Street sweeper reports gun found

Mount Pleasant police were called to a restaurant July 13 after a woman operating a street sweeper found a battered .357 Magnum in the roadway, a report states.

Police said the weapon was in poor condition and appeared as though it had been struck several times while lying in the road, the report says.

Police checked the serial number and found that it had not been reported stolen. Police kept it as evidence.

Man put on trespass notice

Mount Pleasant police were called to a store July 13 where an employee said that a 47-year-old man had been hanging around the store, harassing customers and begging them for beer and money, a report states.

The employee said the man also had been coming inside and taking sugar packets, saying "that they are free for the public."

An officer found the 47-year-old man walking down the street and put him on trespass notice.

Man blows twice legal alcohol limit

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office arrested a man on driving under the influence after he blew twice the legal limit, according to a report.

Deputies went to a Mount Pleasant home for a domestic dispute July 17. The wife reportedly said that she was fighting with her husband about his excessive drinking. She said her husband turned off the power before she called 911 and then left in a white car, according to the report. As deputies left the home, they saw the husband returning with his high beams on, the report says. The car stopped in the driveway and deputies went to talk to the husband.

The man stepped out of the car and forgot to put it in park until deputies reminded him to do so, according to the report. They told him that he was suspected of drinking and driving and asked him if he knew the letters of the alphabet, and he said some of them.

The deputy asked him if he could count backward from 37 to 23, and the man said he was a numbers guy, but then he started counting back from 23, the report says. The deputy asked the man to take other sobriety tests, but the man refused because "his intoxication prohibited him from doing them," the report states.

Deputies asked him how much alcohol he had to drink before driving his car and the man said several, the report says. When asked how much several was, he reportedly said three.

Deputies then charged the man with driving under the influence. The man later gave a breath sample and blew a 0.19, the report states.

These news items were taken from incident reports from the Mount Pleasant Police Department and Charleston County Sheriff's Office.