Luxury jails

A recent televised report on the Holiday Inn-type accommodation that we have built for our criminals showed quite a few TV sets in either one of the lounges or one of the retention areas. With all of the budget shortfalls, the state has cut school teachers' salaries and terminated positions. What is more important -- educating our young people or pampering jail residents?

I served on the crew of a troop ship during World War II. The troops got fed only twice a day. Tell me, do the inmates of our various detention centers deserve better treatment than our fighting men who are willing to put their lives on the line in defense of our country?

JOHN T. PARKER Sr.Dartmoor CircleCharleston

Brave act

Congratulations to Letisha Wilson, the pizza delivery driver who fought back when she was held up and wounded in Summerville. Her actions illustrate two important points: One, that you should stop cooperating with a robber at the point where he attempts to get you to the second crime scene. Nothing good ever happens there.

Two, that determination to prevail can see you through. While she may have been wounded in the fight for her life, she unnerved the gutless punks who sought to abduct her to the point that they fled. Bravo, Letisha, this one's for you.

KEN FERNALDRutledge AvenueCharleston

Science solution

With all the legitimate concern about our growing national deficit, a March 12 letter contained an interesting suggestion. The writer said we shouldn't have wasted $10 billion of government money to replicate the Big Bang in order to determine how the Earth was formed, because we could find that out by just picking up a Bible.

That writer barely touched the tip of the iceberg of savings we could enjoy by using the Bible as our only scientific source. We could eliminate all the expensive scientific research that needs to be tested and retested in laboratories over long periods of time.

It would cost nothing to accept biblical science and mathematics, namely that we live on a flat Earth with four corners resting on pillars at the center of the universe. After a few failed attempts at building bridges according to the biblical value of Pi, which is three (according to 1 Kings 7:22), we would waste no more government money on bridges.

Since biblical science was completed some two to three thousand years ago, look at all the money we would save by simply eliminating science from the school curriculum. We also wouldn't have to waste government money on expensive hurricane monitoring systems, since hurricanes are deserved punishments from God for our sins.

But wait, there's more. Rising health care costs would be eliminated. James tells us that prayer should be the only allowable healing method. In fact, Mark points out that believers won't even be harmed by poisonous snakes.

Expensive surgery would be unnecessary, according to Matthew. If your right eye offends you, pluck it out; if your right hand offends you, cut it off.

And I saved the best for last. We would no longer worry about the long-term solvency of today's Social Security system. By strictly following biblical science, very few people would live long enough to collect from the resulting Social Security surplus.

HERB SILVERMANWraggborough LaneCharleston

Build reminders

The Jews build monuments to remember the millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust. We say, "Never forget." We tell our children, "Get educated. Work hard. Don't let it happen again."

Why don't African-Americans build monuments and say, "Remember slavery. Never let it happen again"?

BARBARA SCHWARTZRobin RoadMount Pleasant

Health coverage

In last Friday's letters to the editor a gentleman stated that he should not be required to buy health coverage. I am in total agreement with him.

However, at the same time he elects not to purchase health insurance I believe he should be required to sign a waiver stating that if he becomes seriously ill or injured and cannot pay his medical expenses then he will refuse all treatment.

I realize this sounds a bit harsh, but to be absolutely truthful, your hand in my pocket is not a good fit.

GEORGE WILGUSSam Rittenberg BoulevardCharleston

Left-leaning news

With all due respect to Ken Burger, whose columns I enjoy reading, there is a documented Democratic Party leaning to the media. I researched this subject online as I have often thought without malice that journalists by their nature are left-leaning.

I was able to find on a synopsis of "The American Journalist in the 21st Century: US News People at the Dawn of a New Millennium," which calls the major academic study of the characteristics of American newsrooms. This 2006 study showed that 40 percent of journalists considered themselves left-leaning, 30 percent in the middle and 25 percent to the right. Keep in mind this is their opinion of themselves.

In 2002, Gallup found that 36 percent of journalists surveyed were Democrats, and only 18 percent were Republicans. Compare this to the general population where 32 percent in 2002 characterized themselves as Democrats and 31 percent said they were Republicans.

In another study, Investors Business Daily (which may be right-leaning), did an analysis of political contributions in the 2008 election cycle. Contributions to Democratic candidates by journalists outnumbered those to Republican candidates by a margin of 15 to 1.

And those to Barack Obama outnumbered contributions to John McCain 20 to 1. Further individuals employed by major media organizations gave more than $315,000 to Democrats and about $23,000 to Republicans.

Money talks and displays a more accurate picture of journalists' political dispositions.

While journalists may endeavor to remain unbiased, there is a reflection of opinion in all pieces I read.

Anecdotally, I have a brother who has been a journalist all of his adult life. He is the only "left-leaning" one of four brothers.

JEFF THOMAS Frogmore RoadMount Pleasant

Job well done

The Navy is rich in tradition and history, and I want to recommend a Web site maintained as a labor of love by 74-years-young Navy veteran Gene Slover. The site is and is comprised of over 4,000 indexed and searchable pages of all things Navy.

There are documents dating to the 1800s, videos (including Blue Angels belly cam), operation manuals, photos, old home videos of Panama Canal transits and slide shows from the USS Yorktown and the USS Truxtun when it was commissioned here last year.

Mr. Slover is a reference for many museum ships around the country. Over the years I've been privileged to meet many Navy retirees, including Sid Busch, a sonar technician who continues to serve as a tour guide on his active duty sub, the Clamagore, at Patriots Point; Jack Lehman, a diver who helped free the Missouri when she ran aground in 1950; and Gene Slover, a fire control man.

Thanks to them and their fellow servicemen and servicewomen from all military branches for the job they did and continue to do for our country.

JEFF JACOBSOcean BoulevardIsle of Palms

Unfair depiction

I was surprised to see that you published a letter in Wednesday's edition titled "Extremists past."

The writer states that Tea Party groups are "mobs," that these mobs hurl epithets at elected officials and that they angrily disrupt public meetings.

I would ask the writer if he has ever witnessed any of the above?

Did anyone look up the definition of mob?

WES DUNSONSt. James StreetGeorgetown