AWENDAW -- A strong finish propelled LSU to the championship in the Hootie at Bulls Bay Intercollegiate golf tournament Tuesday at Bulls Bay Golf Club.

The Tigers recorded four birdies over the final three holes to overcome a mid-round deficit and finish one shot in front of Wake Forest.

LSU posted a final-round score of 5-under-par 279 for a three-round total of 7-under 845. Wake Forest finished at 276--846. Virginia was third at 279--848, while South Carolina finished fourth at 282--850.

Clemson finished in a tie for eighth at 284--857, while College of Charleston was 15th at 308--921.

Junior Matt Hill of N.C. State won his second Hootie individual title with a 68-67-69--204, two strokes in front of Wake Forest's Lee Bedford, who carded a tournament record 63 in the final round. South Carolina's Patrick Rada, LSU's Sang Yi and Wake Forest's Brendan Gielow tied for third at 207.

LSU coach Chuck Winstead said his team started well Tuesday and built a big lead but struggled and fell behind.

"That happens in college golf," he said. "We had three birdies on 16 and a birdie on 17. We played the last three holes and that changes the whole deal because we had fallen significantly back."

And Winstead said he had no problems with riding Titleist the bull, the club's mascot, which is a tradition for tournament winners.

"I'll do anything they want," Winstead said. "This is really a special event for the guys and for the coaches. The amount of effort they go to to make it special is rare. If they want me to ride a bull, that's the easiest thing to do."


1) LSU, 288-278-279--845; 2. Wake Forest, 289-281-276--846; 3. Virginia, 295-274-279--848; 4. South Carolina, 296-272-282--850; 5. Augusta State, 302-270-281--853; 6. Duke, 289-281-284--854; 7. Auburn, 291-280-284--855; 8. (tie) Clemson, 294-278-284--857; N.C. State, 291-286-280--857; 10. Chattanooga, 300-277-286--863; 11. Kentucky, 299-283-287--868; 12. East Tennessee State, 301-284-285--870; 13. Central Florida, 307-286-283--876; 14. Long Beach State, 307-297-299--903; 15. College of Charleston, 314-299-308--921.


Matt Hill, N.C. State 68-67-69--204

Lee Bedford, Wake Forest 73-70-63--206

Brendan Gielow, Wake Forest 72-66-69--207

Patrick Rada, USC 71-66-70--207

Sang Yi, LSU 69-68-70--207

Patrick Reed, Augusta State 73-66-69--208

Wesley Bryan, USC 75-64-70--209

Brinson Paolini, Duke 73-68-69--210

Kyle Stough, Virginia 72-71-67--210

Jordan Blann, Kentucky 73-70-68--211

Luke Hopkins, Clemson 72-70-69--211

Andrew Loupe, LSU 72-70-69--211

Brad Schneider, Cen. Florida 75-68-68--211

Ben Kohles, Virginia 74-68-70--212

Kyle Kopsick, Auburn 71-68-73--212

Michael Stewart, ETSU 74-69-69--212

Jacob Burger, Clemson 70-71-72--213

Will Collins, Virginia 73-70-70--213

M. Krywulycz, Augusta St. 72-68-73--213

Will McCurdy, Auburn 70-70-73--213

H. Norlander, Augusta St. 79-66-68--213

Stephan Jaeger, Chatt. 74-71-69--214

Wes Roach, Duke 73-71-70--214

Amory Davis, Virginia 78-65-72--215

Adam Hogue, N.C. State 74-72-69--215

Travis Wadkins, Wake Forest 69-73-73--215

Individual State results

Clemson: Luke Hopkins, 72-70-69--211; Jacob Burger, 70-71-72--213; Corbin Mills, 76-70-71--217; Ben Martin, 76-71-72--219; Crawford Reeves, 78-68-76--222.

South Carolina: Patrick Rada, 71-66-70--207; Wesley Bryan, 75-64-70--209; George Bryan IV, 72-72-73--217; Paul Woodbury, 78-70-69--217; Clint Tolleson, 79-72-77--228

College of Charleston: John Duke Hudson, 79-72-77--228; Harrison Moore, 80-76-73--229; Tim Mitchell, 76-78-75--229; Michael Montgomery, 83-75-83--241; Seth Stuart, 79-76-86--241.