Charleston County Council has agreed to post some employee salary information on its Web site, covering most employees earning $50,000 or more.

Councilman Paul Thurmond proposed adding the information to the site as a way to improve transparency about spending.

The county already posts a monthly list of bills paid that includes some payments to individuals, including the county's highest-paid official, County Attorney Joe Dawson.

With the exception of Dawson, who has been collecting about $21,500 monthly as an independent contractor, most county employees are salaried or hourly workers.

County Council has voted to publish online the names, positions and salaries of those earning $50,000 or more, but would not post information about elected officials and employees who work in their departments unless those officials agree.

The vote was 7-2, with Vic Rawl and Colleen Condon opposed. Condon has said she saw no need to put the data online, while Rawl thought the county should post all its salaries, but without names attached. posted a more extensive list of county salaries on Saturday, following the council's discussion last week about what information to include or exclude.

Under the state Freedom of Information Act, the names and specific salaries of every government employee earning $50,000 or more is public information, while those earning less can have their pay described by salary ranges, such as $40,000 to $44,000. posted public information the county had already collected for its own use, covering 1,388 employees earning at least $34,000 yearly, and has requested a complete employee salary list.