At 47 years old, The Citadel's all-time leading scorer looks like he could still play college basketball. Regan Truesdale recently had his jersey No. 33 honored by The Citadel, where it hangs in the rafters at McAlister Field House alongside that of another No. 33, Art Musselman. Truesdale talked about his playing days at The Citadel, his pro career and the prospect of watching Cameron Wells break his record of 1,661 points when he went one-on-one with The Post and Courier's Jeff Hartsell.

What did it mean to you have to have your jersey honored by The Citadel?

"It means a great deal. It's really rewarding, and I'm really thankful and glad that it's happened now."

Did you see a lot of familiar faces at the ceremony?

"I did, I saw a lot of them -- Kent Hill, coach (Les) Robinson, coach (Ed) Conroy, Xavier Starkes -- we had a great time, just sitting around talking."

Did you give pro ball a shot when you left The Citadel in 1985?

"Yes sir, I played two years in the CBA, one year in Kansas City and one year in Georgia. I played in New Zealand and then I played one year for a team in Memphis in the World Basketball League. So I played about four years of pro ball after college."

What have you made your career in?

"I'm in manufacturing right now in Rock Hill with a company called Bowater. But we live in Heath Springs, where I'm from. We love Charleston but we love home, too. We can come down here on the weekends and still live back home."

Tell me about your family.

"My wife, Carol, and I have two sons, they are 14 and 12. They play sports and they are improving, they are getting better."

Did you enjoy following the Bulldogs last year, when they won 20 games for just the second time in school history?

"I had a lot of fun following those guys. I got to come to several games, and it's great to see the team improve through the years. They've got a great coach."

What are your favorite memories of playing at The Citadel?

"I'm going to say it was the people I met. Coach Robinson, Keith "Doc" Hamilton, Captain Falkenberry. Two of those guys are no longer with us, but those are guys I will never forget. I'll never forget Doc Hamilton saying my name at the games, especially when I got my first start. He said my name and really drew it out, and I will never forget the chills I got."

You faced North Carolina and Michael Jordan. What is your favorite Michael Jordan memory?

"My best Michael Jordan memory was when we played them very close (Feb. 24, 1984) in Charlotte. That night I scored 26 points and Jordan ended up with 24 in the game. We never went one-on-one with each other because we were playing zone and I was just taking the open shots that were given to me."

You scored 41 points in a win over Marshall in 1984. What do you remember about that game?

"We had seen (Marshall players) driving around campus earlier that day, laughing and picking on the way that the freshmen were walking together. We had decided that they were not going to beat us that night. We were really happy to beat them because we had it in for them from the start."

You've been The Citadel's all-time leading scorer since 1985. The Bulldogs have a player now, Cameron Wells, who is No. 5 on the list and could break your record. How would that make you feel?

"It's been 25 years, and a guy like that, I know he's worked hard and played hard. Records are meant to be broken, and more power to him. I wish him well and hope he keeps playing hard and doing what he's doing."