COLUMBIA -- Urban Meyer said he expects he'll be coaching Florida by the time the 2010 season begins. So does the legend who preceded him in Gainesville.

"I don't think he'll need the whole year off," said South Carolina's Steve Spurrier, who coached the Gators from 1990-2001. "I think (in) three or four months, he may be ready to get back."

Meyer made the stunning decision Saturday to resign, amid health issues. By Sunday, he'd revised the plan. It's now an indefinite leave.

He'll coach Florida in Friday's Sugar Bowl and then step aside.

"Yeah, I was very surprised when it all came out (Saturday)," Spurrier said. "But I think he certainly made a wise decision to postpone this thing and take that sabbatical on an interim basis.

"Maybe he can delegate a little bit more and not burn himself out. He seemed to be very exhausted, it appeared in that press conference."

Meyer was asked during that news conference if he planned to reach out to Spurrier. Meyer said, rather emphatically, that he did want to talk to Spurrier about his ability to manage stress.

Many surmise that Spurrier's affinity for golf is his saving grace. That's true, in part.

"I read something a while back that, no matter what profession you're in, you need some kind of outside interest," Spurrier said. "Of course I've always enjoyed golf in the off-season."

But Spurrier's golf season, which includes some golf-specific vacations, runs only from about March to July.

There's more to it than golf. Daily routine is another thing. Meyer seems to be the eats, breathes, sleeps football kind of coach. Spurrier?

"I've never been a real late-night type guy," Spurrier said. "Really, it's what you can teach your players that's most important. But some coaches, if they don't stay until midnight or come in about six in the morning, they don't feel like they're working hard. It's a personal thing."

Even if Spurrier is upset about a loss, he said he doesn't let it fester too long.

"I don't sleep very well after some of the losses," he said. "I think all coaches go through that. But I generally catch up the next night."

Senior Bowls

At least two Gamecocks will play in postseason showcase games.

All-America linebacker Eric Norwood has been invited to play in the Jan. 30 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala.

Strong safety Darian Stewart, who played the spur spot a year ago, will play in the Jan. 23 East-West Shine Bowl in Orlando, Fla.

Back to work

Monday afternoon was South Carolina's first day back on the practice fields following a four-day break for Christmas.

Players were allowed to go home. They were required to return Sunday evening.

"Yeah, everybody made it back OK," Spurrier said. "Seems like everybody's healthy."

Spurrier called it an "OK" practice in preparation for Saturday's Bowl against Connecticut.

-- Travis Haney