COLUMBIA -- In August, as South Carolina offensive line coach Eric Wolford surveyed his prospects, it's safe to say Garrett Chisolm wasn't penciled in as an eventual starter.

But, showing natural strength and the ability to learn on the fly, the walk-on from West Ashley cracked the starting lineup at left guard.

And he figures to get his third consecutive start there next week against Clemson -- even though he hadn't even joined the team until two weeks before the season started.

"I wouldn't think that's ever happened in the history of the SEC," Wolford said. "It may have, but it was probably a long time ago."

Despite being one of the best stories in the league, much less on the team, it's a difficult one to track down since Chisolm is so shy.

He's politely turned down numerous requests for interviews.

This shouldn't come as a big surprise, but being 6-6 and 290 pounds is what helped Chisolm show up on Wolford's radar.

One day in camp, defensive line coach Brad Lawing told South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier said his players didn't like going up against Chisolm. He was too tough, they said.

"He has a lot of physical strength. That's really what he has," Wolford said. "He plays with a lot more than some of the other guys. That's why he's been able to rise to the top of that group. He has a physical presence to him. He doesn't get knocked back. He has strength. He's strong."

Florida wasn't his best game, Wolford said. But the Gators have the best front seven in the conference -- and maybe the country.

Chisolm, who has one more year of eligibility left after this one, struggled to pick up what Florida was doing with stunts and movement. Once he saw it in film study, though, Wolford said Chisolm got it down.

"We came out here today and did the same corrections live," Wolford said. "He picked them right up. That's what you want as a coach."

More O-line

Wolford said it would roughly be the same line next week against the No. 18 Tigers. Jarriel King and Kyle Nunn will battle for the left tackle start.

Last week was King's first back from a concussion.

"I'm going to try and get Jarriel in the game," Wolford said of the North Charleston native. "Last week he only practiced one day. I'm going to try and get him in the game. He had a good practice (Monday)."

Wolford also said Quintin Richardson has looked better at right tackle. He might push Hutch Eckerson, who struggled against the Gators and Fort Dorchester's Carlos Dunlap.

Ailing special teams

Kicker Spencer Lanning and snapper C.D. Turner both didn't practice Monday.

"I don't think I've ever seen the snapper and kicker in (yellow non-contact jerseys) on the same day," Spurrier said. "In all my years, I've never seen that. That's a first."

Spurrier said Lanning hit his shoulder trying to tackle against Florida.

Lanning has hit 15 of 17 field goals this year.

Spurrier said both Lanning and Turner, whose injury wasn't known, should be OK by the Clemson game.

Matthews sits out

Defensive end Cliff Matthews (shoulder) was also in yellow, but Spurrier said that was more bye-week caution than anything.

Matthews was questionable for the Florida game, but was able to play.