Bridgett Barberena

AGE: 45.

RESIDENCE: 514 Resinwood Road, Moncks Corner.

EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, Jacksonville State University, 1988.

OCCUPATION: Child-support enforcement with the Department of Social Services.

POLITICAL PARTY: Nonpartisan election.



HOW TO CONTACT: 899-1890;

Bridgett Barberena works to make sure children get the money they need.

She works for the Department of Social Services in child-support enforcement.

When asked why she is running for Moncks Corner Town Council, she said: 'Everybody wants to have an impact on the way government is run and the way government will impact their lives. I just want to improve the efficiency of the town.'

She said she wants to help the town plan for growth.

'Moncks Corner is really growing,' she said. 'You don't want to go the way of a lot of communities, where growth isn't planned and you don't have enough police officers or firemen.'

She lives in Oak Hill Plantation, a neighborhood of more than 200 homes the town annexed.

'We just want make to sure we have the resources available to protect those properties and keep Moncks Corner beautiful,' she said.

She was born in Anniston, Ala., and has lived in Moncks Corner since 2006. She and her husband have an adult daughter and an 11-year-old son.

Johna T. Bilton

AGE: 38.

RESIDENCE: 1314 Limetree Lane, Moncks Corner.

EDUCATION: Studied Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development at the College of Charleston, 1993-98.

OCCUPATION: Co-owner of Cupcake Kids Children's Boutique since 2007; employed by Lakeside Animal Hospital since 1992.

POLITICAL PARTY: Nonpartisan election

PRIOR PUBLIC OFFICE: Moncks Corner Planning Commission since 2006.

COMMUNITY/CIVIC INVOLVEMENT: Volunteer at St. John's Christian Academy since 2004.

HOW TO CONTACT: Cupcake Kids at 761-1143.

Johna Bilton is not running for Moncks Corner Town Council because she's unhappy with the way council has been handling things.

'I probably wouldn't have run if there wasn't an open seat because I think council has been doing a great job,' she said.

Six candidates, including two incumbents, are vying for three open seats.

She's optimistic about the efforts to improve the downtown area. She operates a children's store downtown.

'I've always loved the small-town charm,' she said.

She thinks the town has done a good job of annexing subdivisions but wants to be careful not to grow too fast. She's served on the town's planning commission the last three years.

'I'd just like to take it to the next level,' she said of her decision to run for council. 'I care about the town; I care about the people in the town.'

She was born in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and moved to Moncks Corner in 1976, when she was in kindergarten.

David R. Kizer

AGE: 50.

RESIDENCE: 1601 Sterling Oaks Court, Moncks Corner.

EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in ornamental horticulture, Clemson University, 1981.

OCCUPATION: General supervisor, landscape and park maintenance, Santee Cooper, since 1982.

POLITICAL PARTY: Nonpartisan election.

PRIOR PUBLIC OFFICE: Moncks Corner Town Council since 2002, mayor pro-tempore since 2004.

COMMUNITY/CIVIC INVOLVEMENT: Member and past president of Moncks Corner Lions Club; Berkeley High School Athletic Booster Club baseball representative 2006-08.

HOW TO CONTACT: 899-7171.

David Kizer is the most experienced candidate for Moncks Corner Town Council.

He's been on council since 2002 and is running for his third term.

'I believe I can continue to make a difference,' Kizer said. 'I believe my experience, qualifications and dedication to the town of Moncks Corner make me the best candidate. My ability to work successfully with other members of council is another contributing factor.'

He said managing the town's growth is the most important issue. He also wants to continue working to develop a community recreation facility.

A landscaper for Santee Cooper, Kizer and his wife have a married daughter and a son who is a sophomore at Clemson.

Kizer was born in North, a small town in Orangeburg County, and grew up in Orangeburg. He's lived in Moncks Corner since 1983.

'I am proud to tell others I am from Moncks Corner,' he said, 'and I want Moncks Corner to be the best that it can be.'

Robbie D. McLaughlin

AGE: 66.

RESIDENCE: 3040 Maple Leaf Drive, Moncks Corner.

EDUCATION: Associate's degree, Wingate Junior College, 1963; bachelor's degree, Appalachian State University, 1965.

OCCUPATION: Retired CSX train master and conductor; former Florence County high-school physical education teacher and coach.

POLITICAL PARTY: Nonpartisan election.


COMMUNITY/CIVIC INVOLVEMENT: Greenslake Condos Homeowners Association 1983-85 and 2001-03; Oak Hill Plantation Homeowners Association 2006-09; Mason; Elks.


Robbie McLaughlin has some time on his hands since retiring from the railroad three years ago, and he wants to use it on the Moncks Corner Town Council.

'Moncks Corner is at a crossroads,' he said. 'I want to stress let's have some planned expansion instead of just throwing something out there.'

He was instrumental in getting the town to annex the 210 houses in Oak Hill Plantation off U.S. Highway 52 a couple of months ago, mainly so the town could help control speeders in his neighborhood.

He said council needs more representation from the subdivisions, which soon will need more police and fire stations.

He said he visualizes expanding the oyster shuck in the Old Santee Canal Park each March into an annual event to draw more visitors. He also wants to help the town plan a recreation complex, since that's his background as a high school coach.

He was born and raised in Florence. He moved to Goose Creek in 1983 and Moncks Corner in 2003.

Laura M. Perdue

AGE: 46.

RESIDENCE: 1303 Sterling Oaks Drive, Moncks Corner.

EDUCATION: Attended the University of California at San Diego and the University of South Carolina; nursing degree from the College of the Lowcountry, 1990.

OCCUPATION: Registered nurse, director of Emergency Services and Critical Care, Summerville Medical Center.

POLITICAL PARTY: Nonpartisan election.

PRIOR PUBLIC OFFICE: Moncks Corner Town Council since 2006.

COMMUNITY/CIVIC INVOLVEMENT: MADD; Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Berkeley program; St. John's Christian Academy varsity volleyball coach 2005-07; Community Parish nursing since 2000.

HOW TO CONTACT: E-mail, home at 899-6972, cell at 364-7296.

You can't talk to Laura Perdue for very long without being called 'Sugar' or 'Sweetie.'

That's just her nature. She's a caregiver, a registered nurse who supervises emergency care at Summerville Medical Center.

She's running for her second term on Moncks Corner Town Council.

'I like helping people,' she said. 'You have to give back to your community.'

She'd like the town to grow more, to create more jobs, as long as the town can support the annexations. She also hopes to see a recreation center so kids have something to do in town.

She's married and has a 24-year-old son, a 12-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy. She was a varsity volleyball coach at St. John's Christian Academy.

When asked about her accomplishments, she mentioned improving the town's drainage problems and keeping the town financially sound in an economic downturn.

She was born in Germany and raised in San Diego. She and her husband have lived in Moncks Corner for 13 years.

Tonia Aiken-Taylor

AGE: 45.

RESIDENCE: 1308 Limetree Lane, Moncks Corner.

EDUCATION: Berkeley High School, 1982; Charleston Southern University, 1986, bachelor's degree in communications arts; master's degree, Jacksonville Theological Seminary, 1995; doctorate, Truth Bible College and Seminary, 1996; continuing studies in Christian education at Pensacola Christian College in 2002.

OCCUPATION: Principal of He Arts Christian Academy School of Performing Arts with Heart to Heart International Ministries.


COMMUNITY/CIVIC INVOLVEMENT: Co-founder and assistant pastor of Heart to Heart International Ministries since 1999; founded He Arts Christian Academy, School of Performing Arts, in 2009.

HOW TO CONTACT: 899-0877;

Tonia Aiken-Taylor is a pastor, an educator, a singer and a motivational speaker.

She describes herself as 'petite, yet powerful, as she inspires and motivates.'

She's never held political office, but she said she will use all her positive qualities to keep Moncks Corner moving in a positive direction.

'I just think it's important that we continue to have good leadership, to keep navigating this to be a real positive place,' she said.

She was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., but grew up in Moncks Corner and attended Berkeley County schools.

She wants the town to grow, but not so much that it loses its small-town feel.

'I live here, I've raised my children here, my business is here,' she said. 'I've always loved Moncks Corner. Moncks Corner is a pretty, intimate, sweet community.'

Her husband is senior pastor of their church, Heart to Heart International Ministries. They have three daughters.

She visualizes her role on council as promoting unity. 'I'm a good listener,' she said. 'I think I'm a team player, which is important.'