COLUMBIA — Should Gov. Mark Sanford leave office, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer announced Monday that he would consider serving only the remaining 18 months in Sanford's term and not running for his own.

Bauer is mulling a run for governor in 2010, but he said he would be willing to limit himself if Sanford resigns as a way to move the state forward and cut down on political maneuvering in the capital city.

"The general consensus is, people are not conducting themselves as real leaders," Bauer said.

Since Bauer made the public comments earlier Monday, hours later he said he was getting feedback from supporters and other elected officials who advised him not to limit himself.

Bauer has not made any definitive decisions.

He said Sanford should ask himself whether he can devote enough attention to reconcile with his family while acting in the state's best interest and pushing hard for job creation.

"Only Governor Sanford and his family can make those decisions," Bauer said.