Berkeley County School District Superintendent Dr. Chester Floyd on Friday yanked a controversial book as an instructional tool after a parent complained about her 13-year-old daughter having to read explicit curse words and sexual language out loud in class.

The anonymously authored 1971 book, "Go Ask Alice," is about a 15-year-old girl who gets caught up in a life of drugs and sex before dying from an overdose. Its explicit references to drugs and sex have been controversial since it was first published, with conservative parents and activists pushing for the book to be banned from school libraries and curricula for years.

"I think it's totally inappropriate for us to have inappropriate language to teach our lessons," Floyd said.

Jill Hunt, mother of the Hanahan Middle School eighth-grader, had promised to do everything she could to have the book removed. She was ecstatic Friday with the superintendent's decision.

"This is wonderful," she said.