Super ads

GMLc did a small but highly scientific survey (of the P&C newsroom) to find out which Super Bowl ads viewers loved.

OK, so USA Today did real-time consumer focus-group testing. GMLc doesn't have that kind of budget. In fact, GMLc has no budget, but never mind that.

Here are the ads that scored:

--SoBe Life Water: Naomi Campbell and lizards dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

--Budweiser: Dalmatian trains Clydesdale for the Bud wagon team, with "Rocky" music.

--Audi: Remake of horse-head scene from "The Godfather," with an actor from the original film (the guy who played Moe Green).

--E-trade: Baby trades online, hires clown, spits up.

--NFL: Chester Pitts, starting lineman for the Houston Texans who (also) plays the oboe.

--Tide to Go: Stain on shirt screams during job interview. Witch-doctor shrinks dealership employees' head. (Was that witch doctor George Carlin?)

--Bridgestone: Squirrel and other woodland creatures scream at oncoming car.

--Doritos: Giant rat crashes through wall to attack man with chips.

--Planters: Ugly girl uses peanuts as perfume; guys love her.

--Dell (RED): Young man walking streets gets huge acclaim for buying Dell laptop to support AIDS causes.

--Budweiser: Guys sneak beer into wine-and-cheese party.

--Victoria's Secret: Valentine's Day apparel.

--Bill Green, local attorney: Talking dogs.

Spike vs. Biscuit

Another presidential contest ... besides the Super Tuesday one today ... is being waged this month.

The newly named Charleston Animal Society (formerly the John Ancrum SPCA) is looking for a president.

The two front-runners are Spike, a Charleston native and working dog who was born behind a dumpster, and Biscuit, "a tough independent cat representing and uniting all people and animals in Charleston County," according to her campaign spokespeople.

"I am dog-tired, this campaign stuff is hard work," Spike said in a statement. "Seriously, between interviews and shooting TV commercials, it's been crazy. But I was born to do this. Be sure to vote Spike by March 1st at Vote"

"I'm thrilled to be running for President of the Charleston Animal Society's new center for animals!" Biscuit said in a statement. "I just shot my first ever campaign commercial, you'll see it soon. I'm officially ahead of Spike in the polls with 52 percent of the vote for president of the Charleston Animal Society! I'm gaining friends and supporters every day, which makes me happier than a clean litter box. Let's keep up the momentum through March. Vote at!"

Voting ends March 7. Charleston Animal Society's new center will open March 8 on Remount Road with climate-controlled rooms, natural light, 140 cat kennels, 162 dog kennels, a small-animal room, large outdoor play and exercise areas, surgical suites, a spay/neuter clinic, get-acquainted rooms and multi-purpose meeting and education spaces.

To see each candidate's platform and video ad spots (also available on, go to The race is now neck-and-neck.