Bobby Hartin and Everett German wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Hartin, who hosts the call-in show "Fan Talk" on ESPN Radio 910 The Team, is a die-hard Gamecock fan and former University of South Carolina cheerleader. German, who played fullback at Wando High School and co-hosts "The Dog Pound" on Comcast Channel 2 with Hartin, is a lifelong Clemson Tiger fan.

When "Get Out" asked these two super-fans to help us take a lighthearted look at a Clemson-Carolina tailgate workout, they were only too happy to put on their team colors and demonstrate their best tailgate-athlete form.

Here, with help from the two sports-talk stars, are a few ways to take a (slightly) more active approach to Saturday's tailgating festivities.


The ESPN Read-My-Sign Reach

1) Using felt-tip markers in your team's colors, make a posterboard sign supporting your team and/or ragging on rival team. Be sure to mention past rivalry-game score, such as 63-17 or 31-28.

2) Grasp sign on opposite sides and raise sign above head. Important: Words on sign should face out, toward TV cameras!!

3) Holding sign firmly, jump up and down and scream until TV cameras point at you.

4) When camera is pointed at you, stop jumping up and down so viewers at home can read sign. (Continue screaming if desired.)


The Cool Beverage Cooler Lunge

1) Open cooler using underhand or overhand grip (your choice).

2) Survey cooler's contents in attempt to locate a can of desired beverage. Rearrange all contents to find the one remaining can of the beverage you want at the very bottom of the cooler.

3) Position one foot forward, close to cooler. Rest hand on thigh for extra support.

4) Reach for desired beverage and grasp can firmly, pulling can up from bottom of cooler. Shake arm to remove freezing water from melted ice at bottom of cooler where can was.

5) Open can. Duck as spray from shaken can covers face and shirt. Curse.

6) If any beverage remains in can, advance to 12-Ounce Clemson-Carolina Curls (see below).


12-Ounce Clemson-Carolina Curls

1) Carefully insert beverage can into koozie that has team logo or colors.

2) Hold can in one hand. Use other hand to open can.

3) Bend arm at elbow and lift can toward mouth. Open mouth. Drink. Lower can. Repeat.

4) Caution: Frequent curls can cause side effects, such as running (to the restroom), which creates risk of missing big plays. Curls might also tend to become easier when done in large numbers, so there is a risk of overdoing it. As with any type of exercise, moderation is advised.


The One-Man Full-Cooler Carry

1) Load cooler with ice, drinks, sandwiches, dip, etc., until it equals the combined weight of Justin Sorensen and Jamarcus Grant.

2) Stand in front of full cooler with feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down and grip cooler handles with overhand grip.

3) Straighten legs and try to stand up, tightening grip as you try to lift cooler.

4) Realize that because there is no "i" in team and you want to set a good example for the kids, you should demonstrate teamwork by asking a fellow tailgater to help you carry the cooler.


Talking football

To get Bobby Hartin's and Everett German's take on this weekend's Clemson-Carolina game and other topics, tune in to "Fan Talk" 3-6 p.m. weekdays on ESPN Radio 910 The Team, or watch "The Dog Pound" 7-8 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays on Comcast Channel 2.