FROM THE BARSTOOL -- If you don't know in which city Hanahans Neighborhood Pub is located by the bar's name alone, then you likely aren't from around these parts.

But for Hanahan residents, this little bar on the North Rhett Avenue Extension has long been a favorite place for cold beer and old friends. Or as longtime bartender Adella Hyman explains, "Most of our customers have known each other for years."

Drawing a clientele from both the bar's namesake city and the surrounding businesses, including Westvaco, the ports and the nearby industrial park, many Hanahans regulars can be found winding down after the workday is done, but also enjoying lunch. In addition to the spot's regular menu, Hanahans offers daily lunch specials, from $5.50 to $8.50, with the most expensive also being the most popular: the Friday Steak Special. Country fried steak, fried flounder and spaghetti are also common dishes. Rest assured that Hanahans is a good, clean place to eat, as the local health inspector is a regular customer.

Hanahans also places a lot of emphasis on delivering quick and efficient service. Bartenders can't have eyes in the back of their heads, and on a busy night even the fastest suds-slinger at any bar might unintentionally leave some customers feeling neglected. Hanahans prides itself on being the quickest draw in town.

Hanahans features two pool tables, three TVs, including a 60-inch, big-screen television, six video games and an iTunes jukebox.

Pool leagues operate out of Hanahans on a regular basis and pool tournaments are aplenty.

Being a native Hanahan resident, this writer can remember when the building that now houses Hanahans was a convenience store, where my friends and I would ride our bicycles to buy a candy bar or ice cream. That location was a community hub of sorts in my youth, and it remains so as Hanahans, where the ages and tastes of the clientele may have matured, but the hometown feel remains the same.