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Contributions help family without water

Laura, a single mother, was working at a fast-food restaurant for minimum wage but had to quit due to her current pregnancy. The...

Hot meals a blessing for struggling worker

William works two jobs but still struggles to make ends meet. He's been working hard and now has an apartment, a bicycle for...

Fund can help family cope with adversity

Rhonda, a young mother of five, finds herself unable to support her extended family this Christmas due to her own disabling...

Family needs new heating system this winter

Bertha is a 63-year-old woman who has been caring for her bedridden adult daughter for years. Her daughter has been suffering...

Good Cheer donations help with vision surgery

While he was growing up, Brandon kept his juvenile diabetes under control just as his doctor ordered. He was surprised, then,...

Good Cheer Fund helps elderly woman have happier holiday

Ernestine is an elderly woman who lives alone in the East Side neighborhood. Her four grown children are able to assist her...

Good Cheer Fund gears up for 2013 fund-raising campaign

Many in the Lowcountry spent the past week preparing and enjoying a bountiful Thanksgiving feast, followed by the shopping...

Star Gospel Mission’s annual grocery card giveaway draws near

Star Gospel Mission will give away $50 grocery cards Dec. 2, offering local families a helping hand to purchase food this holiday...

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