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Rivers under the sea: Mapping finds ancient bottom habitat

2014 March 23 - 22:00

The Lowcountry offshore is mostly barren sand bottom to the edge of the Continental Shelf - that's conventional wisdom.

Life aboard Folly Beach dredge has its challenges, perks

2014 March 16 - 22:00

OFFSHORE FOLLY BEACH - The crew bunks are in converted shipping containers right up against Big Red, the monster pump that's pushing a sand slurry 3 miles to the shore. The drone is so steady that if it stops, one crew member said, he can't sleep.

Dengue fever and more snakes? S.C. braces for hotter climate

2013 October 20 - 22:00

It’s going to get hotter, and sooner than most folks might expect.

Researcher studies Lowcountry habitats of declining bat species

2013 August 07 - 20:00

The bat lab is not so bad a place for the bats. Live oaks drape over the cordgrass out to the Ashley River. A great blue heron hunts the marsh with wood ducks and ducklings. The scientist doesn’t do any more than listen.

Lowcountry grass-roots effort underway to ‘bird sit’ black skimmers, other nesting seabirds

2013 June 30 - 00:01

Black skimmers glide along, inches above the surf, their bright orange bills slicing the water for fish. The birds are one of those elegant Lowcountry exotics, the sort of creature that makes people watch and say “Wow.”

Lives on the Sea: Doing the least tern a good turn

2013 March 25 - 00:01

ISLE OF PALMS — Every spring for at least three decades, tiny darting birds have arrived at the old Red & White grocery like hordes of shoppers to stake out their spots.

‘Creature of the Santee delta’ honored for work with alligators

2013 January 13 - 00:19

GEORGETOWN — Big Bertha might be the best way to understand how valuable Phil Wilkinson has been to the South Carolina coast.

The dolphin watcher: Biologist tour guide to publish behavior findings

2012 November 05 - 00:10

KIAWAH ISLAND — Boat strikes kill dolphins. It’s that simple. And people are crowding in on them.

Not-the-usual volunteer lends valuable hand to sea turtles

2012 October 22 - 00:06

WADMALAW ISLAND — The yacht is a custom-built sport-fishing boat, 66 feet long, with twin screws kicking out 1,980 horsepower.

Tiny, elusive eels ‘like gold’

2012 July 15 - 00:11

MONCKS CORNER — The catch was gold. Anglers went after it at night, out of sight and little regarded by most people in the Lowcountry.

Lives on the Sea: Vanishing marsh

2012 June 25 - 00:22

The spartina patches were bared, down to just mud.

Pair get rare sighting of bobcat swimming in Cape Romain

2012 June 18 - 00:01

CAPE ROMAIN — The moment was almost surreal, the ears of the creature out flat as it paddled across the Intracoastal Waterway.

Hurricane Hugo leaves legacy of bobcats in Cape Romain

2012 June 18 - 00:01

CAPE ROMAIN — Spotting an elusive bobcat might be easier these days on the remote barrier islands north of Charleston.

2011 September 03 - 00:01

Sarah Dawsey has not smiled all week. Not since Hurricane Irene on Aug. 26 tore to pieces the critical island for sea turtle nesting just as the season's eggs were hatching.

2011 October 18 - 00:01

Less than a decade ago, very few people had heard of beach vitex. But it infested the Lowcountry.