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Norris Burkes Syndicated Columnist


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Hard living not quality living

Like most hospital chaplains, I spend my day walking long hallways, going room to room and introducing myself to patients who...

The unrequited revenge of an angry caller

In the early months of this century, I was serving as an active duty Air Force chaplain at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida,...

Scars removed by the great physician

In late 1991, I became the sole chaplain at Houston Northwest Medical Center in Houston Texas.

Field trip leads to cult insight

In 1978, I took a cults class from James Leo Garrett at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. After several weeks of lecture, Garrett...

Before you go to the Veterans Day parade

Before you leave for the Veterans Day parade, there are five things I think vets would like you to know. Of course I can’t...

When it became no laughing matter

In the fall of 1990, my ministry career transitioned from parish pastor to hospital chaplain, all by way of an internship at...

Golfing mission from God

After taking a series of golf lessons this summer, I recently took my friend, Roger, to a championship course so he could help...

Is loving Jesus really all that matters?

Last month, my wife started a new teaching assignment with a considerable commute. Now we find ourselves shopping for a new car.

Life’s teachable moments about boundaries

When people ask me about the difference between a chaplain and other clergy members, I tell them that, in theory, a chaplain has...

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