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Reading that inspires forgiveness

As I watched the relatives of those killed at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church tearfully express forgiveness toward the...

A hurricane of memories from New Orleans

Ten years ago, I experienced firsthand how Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans when I was temporarily deployed as the...

Faith is tested when death enters picture

As a hospital chaplain, I watch people die almost every day.

The case of the confused contributor

A few months ago, I got the ridiculous notion that the senior pastor in my church was giving me the stink eye. Problem is, I...

Keeping faith through the traumas of our life

Last month, I visited a psychologist. No, not because a few of my readers think I’m crazy, but as a routine visit in the...

In new neighborhood, hearing voices from the sky

If you read my last two columns, you’ll know that my wife and I sold our five-bedroom McMansion and moved into a...

Reality of living in a tin box

Last week, I wrote about how my wife and I sold our five-bedroom McMansion and are now renting a 40-year-old doublewide mobile...

Move brings peaceful change

This past month my wife and I sold our McMansion and then donated or sold much of its contents. We banked the equity...

Forceful faith gains no entry

Some years ago I was filling my car with gas when a woman stopped her car close enough to pitch a question from her window.

Judgment Day revenge not up to us

Recently, the news has been full of some fairly unrighteous characters.

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