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Norris Burkes Syndicated Columnist


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Crossing the border into hyperbole

My wife and I were vacationing in Niagara Falls, Canada, last week when I took a six-mile run through the pouring rain to the New...

Going home to meaningful traditions

When I meet folks who are struggling with their former spiritual traditions, I encourage them to reconsider the better points of...

Peace signs' theft doesn't change the message

My neighbor, Lorraine Krofchok, called last week to tell me someone stole her peace.

The pitfalls of first-time introductions as a chaplain

First-time introductions can be fraught with misunderstanding. That's especially becomes true when you're a hospital chaplain...

Civility can go a long way

Last week, I was sitting in my hospital office when I received an e-mailed news release from First Baptist Church of Charleston,...

Grief isn't always black and white

As a hospital chaplain, I sometimes see things that are too heartbreaking to forget. Other times, I witness things that are too...

Bad judgments can create their own bad juju

Some years ago, I adopted a puppy that we named Chewbacca, Chewy for short.

Teachable moments reflect acceptance

Last Thanksgiving, my wife, Becky, challenged her second-grade class to write thank-you notes to those people for whom they were...

Easter offers a chance to reflect on where to look for Jesus

If I were to ask you how you've spent Easter morning, I can think of a variety of ways you might answer that question.

A prayer before dying

Occasionally, patients will ask if they should address me as "pastor." I tell them I'd be honored to be considered their pastor,...

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