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Who searches for the spiritually lost?

As the search continues for the mudslide victims in Oso, Wash., and for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, I can't help but...

Shoeless, unwashed 'hippies' depict the heart of God's love

I spent my high school years in Atascadero, Calif., (that's uh-task-a-DARE-oh) a secluded slice of heaven 15 miles inland and...

God gives strength for trying times

I got an email this week from a woman who introduced herself as "a mom with a husband, three kids, plus three cats and a dog."

Dad's willingness to sacrifice self demonstrates unfathomable love

I was reaching the end of my hospital shift one winter day in 2007 when I decided to make one more round of visits to our...

Serving God is an endless calling, even with a wounded soul

Recently, I met a patient sitting on the edge of his bed, hunched over his considerable stomach, studying the floor tiles.

Make real changes for you, not me

These days I feel like the circuit-riding preacher of the Old West, riding his horse across the dusty plains to deliver sermons...

John 7:24 helps us to make discerningly helpful judgments

During the past 13 years, I've occasionally used this column to cast a negative spotlight on scoundrels, rascals and scallywags.

A silent presence can carry more than a million caring words

After training to become a hospital chaplain, I quickly discovered that I still had more learning opportunities. Those teaching...

Trash talk should go into the trash can

Like many of you, I maintain a list of favorite things. For instance, my hamburger of choice is the mushroom burger. My preferred...

It's grace, not spelling, that counts in test of life

If you were the student who asked, "Does spelling count on the test?" then you'll probably wish you'd had my wife as a teacher.

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