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Norris Burkes Syndicated Columnist


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Inaccurate titles bring false assumptions

As I perused the news headlines of this past month, I couldn’t help but notice just how inaccurate titles and labels have...

Spiritual heroism

Editor’s note: The following is an abridged excerpt from Norris Burke’s upcoming book, “Finding Forgiveness...

Turn a deaf ear to the hate whispers

Last month I got a profanity-laced voicemail from a Florida reader who wanted to express his displeasure about all religious...

Matters of the heart

As a hospital chaplain, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day I consider matters of the heart. My work in the Cardiac...

Central America visit brings perspective on the privileged life

This past week, my wife and I flew to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to visit my daughter and to bring three suitcases of books...

Blessings on those who suffer, but only when it’s ‘righteous’

Last week, I wrote about the truisms expressed by those who practice a wimpy faith, and I promised that I’d use the this...

Diary of a wimpy faith

If your kids or grandkids have read “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” you probably know that the book’s main...

The Notebook: Prayers from a hospital chapel

As a hospital chaplain, I hear the prayers of patients who are hurting, sick and discouraged. Their private prayers are often so...

A sacred moment when vows were kept

As a minister, I officiate dozens of picturesque weddings with a pageantry of limos, gowns and tuxedos. During these ceremonies,...

Column highlights from 2014

As I sort through my year-end mail, I notice that several of the yuletide well wishes come from my readers. No surprise. I get a...

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