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Norris Burkes Syndicated Columnist


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There's always a good reason to get out of bed

Maybe you've heard the old joke about a man who resisted his wife's urging to get out of bed for Sunday church services.

Unanswered prayers have more than 2 answers

After serving 28 years as an Air Force chaplain, I can tell you that troubled service members didn't always come to see me on...

Dancing with a member of the 'Greatest Generation'

As we show our gratitude for veterans this month, I want to share the inspiring story of Roger Revay, a 90-year-old patient I met...

Rethinking death's choices

Recently, as I walked though our hospital on my patient rounds, my pager lit up with a summons to the trauma room of the...

Thou shalt not use God's name for gain

Have you ever gone where you simply weren't wanted? As a hospital chaplain, I've entered plenty of rooms where I wasn't wanted.

Try these 5 'spiritual pick-up lines '

How do people answer you when you ask, "How are you?"

Lighting a fire for change

I was a freshly minted minister in 1984 when I preached an "audition sermon" before 26 parishioners at First Southern Baptist...

Meeting the 'believing unbeliever'

Recently, I asked the iPhone's personal assistant, known as Siri, to help me find a Bible verse.

Churches reach out and serve their communities

I sometimes hear folks argue that organized religion does no good. Religion has started wars, they say, and witch-hunts, The...

Seeing what's in front of you can be hard

'Honey," I said to my wife in that tone I get after binge-watching the Travel Channel. "I think we should move to Denver."

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