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Insider finds the upside in downsizing

Last month, I was speaking in Elmira, N.Y., when a reader posed the question I’ve been continually asked since July when I...

When your season of joy becomes a season of woe

As we begin the holidays, do you find yourself wanting to skip them? Or maybe you feel like hibernating until January. If so, my...

Religion and war collide

Recently, I attended a new employee orientation for a hospice service in Northern California and met a smart, well-traveled nurse...

In defense of Starbucks and Ben Carson

Every once in a while, this spiritual columnist likes to go rogue. Today’s going to be one of those times, so consider...

Prayers of the lucky charm chaplain

I’m not a superstitious person, but I’ve occasionally been passed off as the spiritual equivalent to a...

Praying for my enemy

Editor’s Note: This is an abridged excerpt from my book, “Hero’s Highway” Amazon 2015.

A chaplain’s business can be risky

I’ve officiated dozens of weddings in my 30 years as a minister, but few were as fraught with risk as the one I performed...

Facing my fear of the dentist

Do you have a fear that your friends and family call irrational? I do. I’m odontophobic, afraid of dentists.

Resiliency more than just survival

On April 4, 1991, I was halfway finished with a yearlong chaplain training program at UC-Davis Medical Center when a social...

Columnist shares faith flops

This week begins my 15th year of writing this column. The anniversary is causing me to reflect on the purpose of why I write this...

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