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Holy carols bursting with factual holes

Before you bundle up the family to go Christmas caroling, there's something you should know about those carols. Much of their...

Proof positive that responses from heart, mind prevail over temper

One of my most difficult days in uniform came on Dec. 23, 2005, when I drove to Atwater, Calif., with a chaplain assistant to...

Being thankful for the unimaginable provides food for thought

I often joke that potlucks are among the main reasons I became a minister. And apparently I'm not alone in my culinary reverence...

There's always a good reason to get out of bed

Maybe you've heard the old joke about a man who resisted his wife's urging to get out of bed for Sunday church services.

Unanswered prayers have more than 2 answers

After serving 28 years as an Air Force chaplain, I can tell you that troubled service members didn't always come to see me on...

Dancing with a member of the 'Greatest Generation'

As we show our gratitude for veterans this month, I want to share the inspiring story of Roger Revay, a 90-year-old patient I met...

Rethinking death's choices

Recently, as I walked though our hospital on my patient rounds, my pager lit up with a summons to the trauma room of the...

Thou shalt not use God's name for gain

Have you ever gone where you simply weren't wanted? As a hospital chaplain, I've entered plenty of rooms where I wasn't wanted.

Try these 5 'spiritual pick-up lines '

How do people answer you when you ask, "How are you?"

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