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Lost but now you’re found

Last month, I went to Las Vegas to help my brother Milton after he’d lost his wife, Debbie. Making matters worse, his...

Brother’s keeper to the end

I recently went to Las Vegas to help my brother whose 58-year-old wife died from respiratory arrest.

Getting around to it has arrived, so what are you waiting for?

In my role as a hospice chaplain, I ask patients about their final goals. I ask things like, “Do you have any place...

An angelic baby delivers a message

During my years as an active duty chaplain, I became accustomed to getting calls for help at any time of day or night. But one of...

2 babies, 2 cultures show common beginnings

In these days of political debate, it seems as though we’re being constantly bombarded with the xenophobic fear that...

Earning the right to be relevant

Last week, I wrote about being rebuked by grieving parents who felt that I used a Bible verse to minimize the loss of their two...

Grieving parents reject pat answers

Christian Lent began this week with Ash Wednesday. The 40-day season is a time in which Christians will sacrifice something...

Sad job or highest honor?

As a part-time hospice chaplain, I often get unnecessary sympathy from friends and acquaintances.

Where do you live? vs. How do you live?

In my job as a hospice chaplain, I crisscross nearly 1,000 square miles of Sacramento County to visit terminal patients in their...

Praying for a two-for-one deal

When I was a pastor, I dreaded trying to enlist volunteers for church projects. It’s not that I was afraid of getting a...

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