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Blessings can benefit more than the one who receives them

Ten years ago, while serving as a pediatric chaplain at Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento, Calif., I answered a phone call from...

Prayers: Buy one, get one free

If you ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you that I love "Buy One, Get One" coupons, known as BOGOs. But last week was the...

Making readers mad, sad and glad

During the sizzling summer weeks, many of you responded to the hot topics in this column with a wide range of emotions. In fact,...

A visit to the epicenter of the immigration debate

Next month, I send my firstborn, Sara, into the epicenter of the current immigration crisis. It's a place so fraught with danger...

Listening is the best way to help others unravel life's complications

In the summer of 2007, I took a break from the usual cafeteria food to meet a colleague at a restaurant two blocks from the...

Crossing the border into hyperbole

My wife and I were vacationing in Niagara Falls, Canada, last week when I took a six-mile run through the pouring rain to the New...

Going home to meaningful traditions

When I meet folks who are struggling with their former spiritual traditions, I encourage them to reconsider the better points of...

Peace signs' theft doesn't change the message

My neighbor, Lorraine Krofchok, called last week to tell me someone stole her peace.

The pitfalls of first-time introductions as a chaplain

First-time introductions can be fraught with misunderstanding. That's especially becomes true when you're a hospital chaplain...

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