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Transition from surviving to thriving

Last Sunday, my wife noticed me setting our alarm for an early wake-up. She groaned in protest.

Obvious question leads to difficult answer

Has someone ever surprised you by asking an obviously simple question with what seems to be an obvious answer? Well, it happened...

The one representing the many

During Memorial Day, as we count the heroes lost to war, I try to remember one face that represents the many. One face I remember...

Too fishy to be true

When it comes to macadamia nuts, I’m a lot like Dr. Seuss’s Sam-I-Am after his aversion-to-conversion experience...

The truth about lying

In this mud-slinging election, candidates from both sides accuse their opponents of being “pathological liars.”

Chaplain Norris careens out of his lane

Occasionally, I use this column to comment on current events. Many readers react favorably, but a few accuse me of careening out...

Purpose lost or purpose found?

Does everything happen for a purpose? Or is God able to give us a purpose in spite of the mess we get ourselves into?

Lost but now you’re found

Last month, I went to Las Vegas to help my brother Milton after he’d lost his wife, Debbie. Making matters worse, his...

Brother’s keeper to the end

I recently went to Las Vegas to help my brother whose 58-year-old wife died from respiratory arrest.

Getting around to it has arrived, so what are you waiting for?

In my role as a hospice chaplain, I ask patients about their final goals. I ask things like, “Do you have any place...

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