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The one representing the many

During Memorial Day, as we count the heroes lost to war, I try to remember one face that represents the many. One face I remember...

Too fishy to be true

When it comes to macadamia nuts, I’m a lot like Dr. Seuss’s Sam-I-Am after his aversion-to-conversion experience...

The truth about lying

In this mud-slinging election, candidates from both sides accuse their opponents of being “pathological liars.”

Chaplain Norris careens out of his lane

Occasionally, I use this column to comment on current events. Many readers react favorably, but a few accuse me of careening out...

Purpose lost or purpose found?

Does everything happen for a purpose? Or is God able to give us a purpose in spite of the mess we get ourselves into?

Lost but now you’re found

Last month, I went to Las Vegas to help my brother Milton after he’d lost his wife, Debbie. Making matters worse, his...

Brother’s keeper to the end

I recently went to Las Vegas to help my brother whose 58-year-old wife died from respiratory arrest.

Getting around to it has arrived, so what are you waiting for?

In my role as a hospice chaplain, I ask patients about their final goals. I ask things like, “Do you have any place...

An angelic baby delivers a message

During my years as an active duty chaplain, I became accustomed to getting calls for help at any time of day or night. But one of...

2 babies, 2 cultures show common beginnings

In these days of political debate, it seems as though we’re being constantly bombarded with the xenophobic fear that...

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