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Warren Peper Multimedia Producer


About Warren

Warren Peper is one of the best-known and most trusted faces in the Lowcountry. He is a graduate of North Charleston High School and Charleston Southern University. During his 35 years as a local TV news and sports anchor, he received many awards, including a Peabody award for his coverage of Hurricane Hugo, an Emmy for Broadcast Excellence - Local News and Sportscaster of the Year for South Carolina multiple times. His sports coverage has included the Super Bowl, the Final Four and the Masters, as well as play--by-play for both Southern Conference basketball and S.E.C. football. Following Hurricane Katrina, Peper reported from Mississippi on ravaged communities who felt ignored by the attention focused on New Orleans. From Washington, DC, Peper covered the memorial of Rosa Parks as her body lie in state in the Rotunda. He also has interviewed former President George W. Bush and athletic luminaries such as Muhammad Ali and Jack Nicklaus. Awarded first place from S.C. Press Association for story of WW II vets who visited war memorials in Washington, DC on the Honor Flight. He continues his connection to the Lowcountry with a weekly column called "I'm just sayin'".

Recent Articles

Cursive handwriting declining but still has value

Let’s get right to the point, because the handwriting is on the wall. Is cursive writing still relevant? Should we keep...

Charleston brogue, piano sales strike a chord

It’s gratifying when a column connects with readers. Sometimes, even basic observations or minor comments can generate the...

CSU basketball player from Nigeria plans to make good flow from bad memories

When just 11 years old, Paul Gombwer watched Christians and Muslims fighting in his Nigerian neighborhood. There was smoke...

Ambrose keeps slogging along for his crops

He’s been farming for more than 40 years, but Pete Ambrose has never dealt with conditions like he’s facing now.

Retired coach Robinson tells tales of friend Dean Smith

Nobody likes a good story more than Les Robinson. For the past few days, he’s been telling plenty of them as they relate...

The truths behind old wives’ tales

I was wondering about wives’ tales recently. Actually, these expressions or sayings most often are called “old...

Piano playing decline is a sad song

Regrets, I have a few, but then again, too few to mention. We all have one or two things we wish we’d done differently,...

The signs that times are changing

I always appreciate a clever quip or a quick jab that’s delivered with just the appropriate amount of zing, but one...

Hollywood woman a special breed of cat lover

When Susan Wood sees a cat in somebody’s yard or on the side of the road, her first inclination is to wonder if the feline...

Sadly, Charlestonese fading away

More and more people continue to come to the Lowcountry. Traffic tie-ups and fewer places to park are two glaring by-products of...

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