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Brian Hicks is The Post and Courier's metro columnist and the author or co-author of six books. A native of Tennessee, he has covered Southern politics for more than 20 years, including turns as a statehouse correspondent in three states. His journalism has won more than two-dozen awards, including the S.C. Press Association's Journalist of the Year in 1998. His column began appearing on the newspaper's website in 2007 and the print edition in 2008. Hicks' column has won a Green Eyeshade Award from the Society of Professional Journalists as well as Best Column and Best Humor Column honors from the S.C. Press Association. His books include "Toward the Setting Sun," "Ghost Ship" and "Raising the Hunley," co-authored with staff writer Schuyler Kropf. His latest, "City of Ruin: Charleston at War 1860-1865," was published in 2012.

Recent Articles

SCE&G keeps lifting your bill higher and higher

One reader writes that electricity rates seem to go up every year, and “I wish someone would help us customers.”

Coming soon to Berkeley County tax bills: transparency – or politics?

This tax increase is brought to you by the good folks at the Berkeley County School District, educating your children 33,000 at a...

Forecast calls for a less stupid, but no more productive, Legislature

We should take up a collection and send a nice gift basket to the folks in Greenville and Spartanburg.

Port or no, the state better learn not to mess with Mount Pleasant

You can bet the next time Linda Page calls Columbia, somebody will take her call.

South Carolina politicians naively take knives to gun fight

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham means well, but you have to figure he’ll regret what he said this week.

Berkeley school board needs to say ‘Amen,’ close the public prayer

Every time the Berkeley County School Board meets they break the law.

The road to apathy is full of potholes

Hey, you know all those folks who refuse to fix our roads, fund our schools or stop the mentally unstable from buying assault...

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