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Brian Hicks is The Post and Courier's metro columnist and the author or co-author of six books. A native of Tennessee, he has covered Southern politics for more than 20 years, including turns as a statehouse correspondent in three states. His journalism has won more than two-dozen awards, including the S.C. Press Association's Journalist of the Year in 1998. His column began appearing on the newspaper's website in 2007 and the print edition in 2008. Hicks' column has won a Green Eyeshade Award from the Society of Professional Journalists as well as Best Column and Best Humor Column honors from the S.C. Press Association. His books include "Toward the Setting Sun," "Ghost Ship" and "Raising the Hunley," co-authored with staff writer Schuyler Kropf. His latest, "City of Ruin: Charleston at War 1860-1865," was published in 2012.

Recent Articles

Merrill sends S.C. State wake-up call, but they aren’t picking up

This week, state Rep. Jim Merrill managed the political equivalent of rolling a live grenade into a crowded room.

It took a while, but Wayne DeWitt ultimately policed himself

Wayne DeWitt really didn’t have a choice, and he knew that — it just took awhile for it to sink in.

Charleston needs a more welcoming, and attractive, entrance

For years, visitors to the most beautiful city on the East Coast have gotten a first impression of Charleston that is, well, less...

Politicians see oil, ready to load up kinfolk and move to Beverly

To hear the politicians tell it, South Carolina’s ship has come in — and it’s a big ol’ shiny oil...

Haley setting a bad precedent, but she’s simply following tradition

When Nikki Haley met Eleanor Kitzman more than a decade ago, at a conference of women business owners, they became...

South Carolina has never cottoned to the word ‘Union’

There is one minority group left in South Carolina that you can still insult and discriminate against without fear of offending...

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