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Kim Komando hosts the nation's largest radio show about the digital lifestyle, broadcast on over 435 stations in the USA and globally on American Forces Radio. Listen to The Kim Komando Show on 94.3 WSC News Radio Noon to 3 p.m. Sundays. Her Digital News Network delivers more than 12 million newsletters to subscribers each week. Visit Komando.com for the latest tech news, tips, videos and more.

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Tech Q&A: Spy cams, Netflix privacy and more

Q: I would like to put a spy cam in my mother’s assisted living room. Is there one that people would not notice?

3 handy Netflix tricks you use time and time again

I admit it. I binge-watched Netflix’s “House of Cards” and fell into the “just one more...

Tech Q&A: Spotting credit card skimmers, beating airport lines, etc.

Q: My credit card information was stolen at a gas station. The crooks used a skimmer. What are these and how can you spot one?

Tech Q&A: refreshing old iPhones, online safeguards for kids, etc.

Q. My iPhone 5 is starting to run slowly, but I’m not ready to upgrade. What can I do?

Technology Q&A: Tips for Wi-Fi, texting, viruses, etc.

Q: I think my neighbors might be using my Wi-Fi. How can I tell?

3 surprising uses for old tech

Faster! Bigger! Thinner! Revolutionary! Lighter! Breakthrough! Beautiful!

Kim Komando Q&A: Office option, halting texts, downloading podcasts etc.

Q: I thought my new computer came with Microsoft Office, but it doesn’t. Are there any alternatives that are cheaper?

Router reviews, travel savings, etc.

Q. It drives me crazy! Wi-Fi is spotty in certain parts of my house. How do you know what’s the best router?

Alert: Watch out for indoor spy cameras when renting a house, apartment or room

On a recent trip, I hurriedly rented an Airbnb private home that only after I was there did I notice it was loaded down with a...

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