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Kim Komando


About Kim

Kim Komando hosts the nation's largest talk radio show about consumer electronics, computers and the Internet. Hear it locally at 94.3 WSC News Radio noon-3 p.m. Sundays. For more information, go to www.komando.com.

Recent Articles

Your car's hidden 'black box' and how to keep it private

Most commercial airplanes have an indestructible flight recorder, also called a "black box" - even though the casing is actually...

Kim Komando Q&A: Listen to police and emergency scanners

Q. A few blocks over, police swarmed on a house late last night. I really wanted to go see what was...

Kim Komando Q&A: Check your PC for government spyware

Q. I was listening to your national radio show and was intrigued by your discussion of...

Easy ways to digitize and preserve your old photos

Name three places where I could find your old photos right now. I bet your answers include photo albums, frames or shoeboxes.

Kim Komando Q&A: Banks check your Facebook profile

Q. I heard you say on your national radio show that banks analyze your...

5 more apps that make you say 'Wow!'

There are about 1.3 million apps available for our smartphones and tablets. Many are simply a bad idea. Most are average in use...

Kim Komando Q&A: Doing a background check online

Q. I'm recently divorced and starting to date. I have an inkling that a man I met has been in legal trouble in the past. How can...

Apps to get the best prices this holiday season

Retailers have the holiday season down to a science complete with lighting that makes you look your best (or worst), specific...

Tracking down missing Facebook messages; making your phone battery last longer

Q. I ran into an old friend and he says he sent me direct messages on Facebook over the last year trying to reconnect, but I...

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