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Inspiration to kick the habit

Remember those hard-hitting anti-smoking commercials that aired on TV last spring?

Try these 5 smart steps for healthier blood pressure

Invisible and virtually impossible to feel, high blood pressure is quietly ravaging the blood vessels, heart muscles and kidneys...

Breathe your way to less stress

Don’t blow off the amazing long-term mind-body benefits of deep breathing. Your heart, brain, lungs, immune system and...

Not-so-sweet news about zero-calorie sweeteners

Why are diet-soda sales tumbling two to three times faster than sales of sugary fizzy drinks in America?

Don’t let debt hurt your health

As of August 2013, the average American’s credit-card debt totaled $15,263; mortgage debt averaged $147,591; and student...

Three easy ways to reverse prediabetes

There’s a hidden sugar crisis that’s sweeping the country, and we’re not talking about what’s lurking...

The new science of staying sharp

Worried about Alzheimer’s disease? You’re in the majority. A national survey says it’s North...

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