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Not-so-sweet news about zero-calorie sweeteners

Why are diet-soda sales tumbling two to three times faster than sales of sugary fizzy drinks in America?

Don’t let debt hurt your health

As of August 2013, the average American’s credit-card debt totaled $15,263; mortgage debt averaged $147,591; and student...

Three easy ways to reverse prediabetes

There’s a hidden sugar crisis that’s sweeping the country, and we’re not talking about what’s lurking...

The new science of staying sharp

Worried about Alzheimer’s disease? You’re in the majority. A national survey says it’s North...

Milk news that will shake you up

Got dairy? Pouring a tall, cool glass of milk for healthy bones and better blood pressure has been the “good...

It’s important to keep taking your medications

It’s a tough pill to swallow, apparently. Seventy-five percent of North Americans don’t take their much-needed meds...

Mind, body benefit from green time

Getting up close and personal with Mother Nature yields big mind-body benefits.

Two fat swaps that stop cancer

A new headline-grabbing report reveals the amazing power of two crucial “fat swaps” to protect guys against fatal...

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