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Food fight over new diet guidelines

Is coffee a health food? Are cholesterol-packed eggs OK? Could eating less red meat help the environment and your health?

Getting help for chronic fatigue

For more than 2.5 million North Americans, the exhaustion, pain and brain fog of chronic fatigue syndrome are an everyday...

Get the science on BPA

Proponents of BPA (the ubiquitous chemical bisphenol-A) are fueling a science war. To counter the growing sentiment that BPA is...

Is arsenic in your family’s food?

From rice and apple juice to beer and infant formula, a growing variety of foods and drinks are turning out to contain arsenic.

Feeling tired? Try these sleep strategies

Hang on to your coffee mugs, North Americans. You lost 191 million hours of sleep on March 9, the first workday of Daylight...

Beware 6 sneaky ‘Health Halos’

We’re all for corporate responsibility and social good, but it seems that as the American waistline expands, so does the...

6 ways to switch on your healthy, happy genes

Ready for the DNA do-over guaranteed to keep you slimmer, happier and protect you against cancer, heart disease and the common...

Nope, cancer is not ‘Just bad luck’

A new cancer study is stirring up good controversy, as cancer experts around the world rush to set the record straight about...

How to snack for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and stay healthy

North America is under a snack attack — and the snacks are winning! Seems more and more of you are substituting...

The science behind the high-protein craze

Move over, fat and carbs. Protein’s grabbing the spotlight. Half of all consumers want more of this healthy nutrient, and...

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